Under The Dome- Episode 2

The episode begins with some mancandy  Barbie, having a dream about how he killed Julia’s husband. Joe is having other kids in his yard trying to dig under the dome (thanks, Joe!). Angie. Poor Angie is still trapped in this bunker that Junior is holding her captive and telling her all sorts of crazy. Duke’s dead.

Oh, Big Jim says the dome is here to “save Chester’s Mill” say frigging what? Why is it here?

Joe’s getting mathematical. Employing some trigonometry to learn more about the dome. That’s cool, but look for your sister!

the WBYS crew of 2 is covertly finding out more of what they’re saying outside. Julia informs the public that they are, in fact, under a dome, not behind a wall.


WBYS your only source for news under the dome. (Hey, you.)

So the town finds out that they’re under a dome, meaning finite resources. Important resources, as in AIR. The radio station hears from outside that military doesn’t even know what the dome is or why it’s there. Barbie’s stockpiling cigarettes for future trading purposes (you plan ahead, I like that). And then Junior’s following him around. Because he thinks Barbie screwed Angie. Barbie doesn’t know Angie. Barbie beats the living shit out of Junior (hooray!).

With Duke dead, Big Jim and the minister are looking to bury some evidence that they knew the dome was coming. (How does a dome just show up? And the military doesn’t know about it? It was in the air. Someone must know!!) Fragging amateur hour, the minister burns down Duke’s house while snooping. Seriously… what? Not that I’m a master of B&E and destroying evidence… but just take the documents with you. Don’t light them on fire, don’t throw them in a plastic trash can, don’t push it up against the wall. No.

Linda shows up at the fire (and is making enemies with the other cops. She’s bossy, I like her, too). She saves the minister. Barbie organizes an assembly line of buckets to put out the fire. Joe has a crush on Norrie.

Junior is still a creep. Angie is still captive.

Barbie is still a bad ass. But I hope the next episode features more of the radio crew. And this dude,


And it’s time to up the body count.

And to everyone on twitter bitching about the wind: It’s not implausible. Cars and trucks make wind. If you are in your house and you wave a paper it creates wind. STFU

3 thoughts on “Under The Dome- Episode 2

  1. I really hope Angie breaks free soon, I kind of thought from the previews the previous week that Barbie caught on to what was happening. But he barely even knows her so yeah not likely.

    • I’m still glad he beat up Junior, though. Junior had way too many “oh poor me, my life is hard” moments last episode. Everyone’s life is hard, you can’t kidnap people. I didn’t read the book, so idk what’s supposed to happen

      • Yeah I haven’t read it either. He’s nuts though! I still need to watch episode 3, so I made sure I didn’t read that post on your page lol

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