Sleepy Hollow

Episode 1 Harold (but not Kumar) meets the Headless Horseman

Episode 2 Witches. But Which Witch is Which?

Episode 3 The Sandman and “magical Native Americans”

Episode 4 It’s the unibomber! It’s Mark Zuckerberg! no… it’s Jenny!

Episode 5 the lost colony/the plague episode

Episode 6 John Noble’s first appearance! “the Sin Eater”

Episode 7 Paul Revere’s lanterns 1 if by land 2 if by sea… 4 if by Headless Horseman?

Episode 8 The BIBLICAL horseman somehow revolves around Ichabod… because of Katrina.

Episode 9 Ichabbie go GhostHunters in the Thanksgiving episode!

Episode 10 The Holiday episode, features a Golem and #Mistletease

Episode 11 Demonic possession

Episode 12 cliffhanger finale!

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