Almost Human

Episodes 1 and 2 : Meet Kennex and his robot. One’s like Dredd and Two is funny

Episode 3: The hostage situation.

Episode 4: It’s like Dredd again. Kennex pole vaults over the line of morally dubious.

Episode 5: Stahl gets taken hostage. There are clones and holograms everywhere.

Episode 6: Black market organs.

Episode 7: Low-charge Dorian steals the show in this cautionary tale about social media.

Episode 8: Lloyd Dobler parallels, magic bullets. Wait, not magic -SCIENCE

Episode 9: DRN vs. XRN. Guest stars John Laroquette and Gina Carano from Fast & Furious 6.

Episode 10: designer genes

Episode 11: Smart-houses cause Final Destination fatalities, could have been cool but they used a Zimmerman-esque “ripped from the news” plotline +race-swap = FAIL

Episode 12: designer genes part deux

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