Urban Fantasy/Sci-Fi enthusiast. Sociologist. Big time nerd stuff happening here. Media consumption levels are off the chain.

I’m your zombie apocalypse survival team leader. +Zombie killer, werewolf-wannabe, Final Girl. +Feminist Bitch.

I want you to know what I think about EVERYTHING.

I co-host Radio Of Horror. We’re not a podcast, we’re on the RADIO. We have a Facebook and a Youtube page.

My inner theme song:

You can email me at SkeletonTimeLord@gmail.com for reviews or with any burning questions! Seriously, ask me anything.

Other “likes” include booze + pickle juice, Crossfit and pop art.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey- so I was nominated for the Shine on Award and when your nominated your get to pay it forward! I know very little about it, but I think it sounds like a neat way to acknowledge bloggers, so I’m nominating you 🙂
    Check out the details: http://fantasyismorefun.com/2013/09/shine-on-award.html.

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