Agents of SHIELD

Episode One Meet the Team!

Episode Two The one that reminded me of Indiana Jones!

Episode Three Graviton

Episode Four Akila. Eye, Camera, eye.

Episode Five Pyrokinetics were invented by Stephen King, just an FYI

Episode Six Simmons proves what she’ll do for the team, Fitz proves what he’ll do for Simmons, Ward shows everyone up.

Episode Seven Simmons makes Fitz a sandwich, Ward still tries to show everyone up.

Episode Eight Ward still acts like a dick to Fitz, but this time he has an excuse, an Asgardian artifact that Neo-Nazi fuckheads are trying to steal.

Episode Nine Where Skye gets all aggro because Agent May isn’t “nice” while they save a religious woman from a man who thinks that he is being dragged to Hell.

Episode Ten J August Richards returns! As Coulson and the gang take on Centipede.

Episode Eleven The team lead by Agent Hand daringly rescues Coulson. Surprise cliffhanger

Episode Twelve The why of Skye. How nerds created the polar vortex.

Episode Thirteen Agents on a train. Major cliffhanger. 1 month hiatus due to Sochi Olympics.

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