Red Sonja #3

When we left our travelling warrior last she was spared by Annisia, exiled and infected with the plague. This issue picks up a month later.



Sonja has kept herself alive, the need to care for her horse has kept her on her feet but as she approaches her dinner… she finds she does not have the will to end the life of a gorgeous white stag to prolong her inevitably short life. And she surrenders.

*The art in this issue is wonderful, muted except for red and orange sepia tones, figures killed brutally in silhouette. Blood flows like geysers.* 

Dying in the snow, she’s ashamed of herself for not dying like a warrior. She hears her father call to her. She flashes back to her first hunt. She let the stag go even though she was the only one who could track it. Her father scolds her, then the village is attacked by marauders. Her father and brothers rush back and order her to stay behind. She doesn’t.

For the first time she sees her father take a weapon to another human. She raises her bow to help save her people but is quickly captured. She watches her family get murdered while her captor threatens her. And then… She takes her first life and gets her nickname… the DEVIL. She dug graves for everyone in her village and then …she truly hunted.

She draws out Ryshak and his men and slaughters them one by one in the night. 

In the present, she awakens to follow the way of her people, one last chore to do, she digs her own grave and lays down for a pack of wolves.

Her “body guards” Ayla and Nias intervene, they say that a cure has been found!

But she’s dead?!


Well, surely that can’t be. The next issue promises some more reminiscing as Sonja is brought back from the brink!

2 thoughts on “Red Sonja #3

  1. I was kind of iffy after the first two issues. This one won me over. So well done.

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