The Underburbs Vol. 1

The Underburbs follows the story of 13 year old Angela who stayed home sick and missed trick or treating. Instead her brother tries to summon a demon. A spooky portal springs up and out pops Countess Winifred and the Hammer bust out ready to take over the human world that Winifred feels is mocking monster-kind. Winifred is a vampire and she turns Angela’s bro and his 2 friends into monsters, then she tells her father how she crossed into the human world.


Seems monsters have lost interest in the human world once they found a source of clean burning fuel. 

Angela crosses over to the other side to reverse the curse. She also makes friends with a wolfman. The wolfman encourages her to go monster and they bust out the classic monster tropes. 

Angela and Winifred double cross each other. Angela becomes the costume BtVS style (a Halloween classic)! The town gets smothered in an evil mist that turns them into monsters. Winifred heads to a Halloween party to… uh, “help” them.

Next they go to Mall-Mart to… well, this time to threaten everyone with certain doom if they don’t comply. The humans at Mall-Mart are in no condition to comply and are paranoid and pulling shotguns on children mere minutes after the crisis begins + more zombie tropes. 

“Basically, ya gots two types of zombies: fast n’ slow.”

Winifred unleashes her hoarde on “Maul-Mart” Angela tries to get a grip on her powers, 


I picked up the trade paperback collection and it included all this rad bonus material by creators Joe Haley and TJ Dort. Aside from references to Wolfman lore, vampire manners and Dawn of the Dead (zombies liking shopping centers) the bonus bits also clue us in to Resident Evil easter eggs, and that our main protag and antag are named after characters in Sleepaway Camp and the Shining. Cool!

I heard Underburbs is a regional comic, so if you aren’t rad enough to be from MA, you can order one at IndyPlanet or say Hi to Haley and Dort at NYCC! 

Snag an issue. It’s cute, its fun, it’s clever with all the classic horror references. Spooky cool kids that are light on the gore, heavy on the sarcasm. Wonderful Halloween treat.

Angela is a typical 13 year old, trying to be mature and smart while still being pretty freaked out. Winifred is too self assured, spoiled with a rebellious steak less subtle than the Bride of Frankenstein’s highlights:



the two play off each other well, great supporting cast of well known and lesser known monsters.

5 thoughts on “The Underburbs Vol. 1

  1. I loved this comic and read it years ago. Great review I heard Dr.Chris on the radio off and on since 2009 when I can stay up and I like your voice as well its good he is not just talking to the walls and has someone to engage him with. Keep up the good work

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