Buffy the Vampire Slayer- S2 Ep6

Just watched the Season 2 Halloween episode of Buffy in which everyone becomes what ever they dressed up as for Halloween. 



Buffy becomes a helpless 18th century noble woman, Xander is a brave soldier

And Willow:


becomes a ghost. Luckily under that sheet, she looked totally fierce



Anyway, various towns people turn into demons and apemen and vampires. After watching this episode about 15 years ago, it really impacted what I chose to wear for Halloween. If my costume came from a spellbound costume shop would I want to spend who knows how long as a French maid, or sexy pirate #4 or PocaHOTness? No way!

The past few years my costumes have slanted toward the superhero/super-villain variety. I know it’s a little early to start picking out your costumes (though, you can never really start too early).. But what do you go for? The scary, the sexy, the funny, the grotesque? Pop culture references? Celebrities? Classic monsters? 

The sheer number of sexy demons and ancient goddesses at most parties I’ve attended would mean havoc if this Sunnydale occurrence happened for real. 



I would have loved to see Cordelia as a wereleopard, for the record.


13 thoughts on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer- S2 Ep6

  1. I looove this episode! Willow did look totally fierce under that sheet.

    • Legit. Such a babe. The best is when Giles sees her and she’s all “I’m a ghost” and he says “The ghost of what, exactly?” and Oz eyeballing her after and she’s all confident and what not. I had such a crush on Seth Green. Is that embarrassing? It might be.

  2. Not embarrassing at all! I might still have a small crush on him. I was watching That 70’s show the other day and I got all excited because he was in the episode.

  3. one of my fav eps of alllll time

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