Under The Dome- Episode #4

From last week: Julia found Barbie’s map and now she’s suspicious.

Crooked minister is spouting some hot nonsense, says dome is going to create a New Eden.

Linda almost passes out after almost pulling a gun on the angry Dome dwellers who are irate that the military is leaving.


Angie is trying to cut through her chains with scissors and Junior comes in. He brings her a dress from Prom (he said he was bringing her comfortable clothes, that’s not… sigh). She’s playing along with his crazy. And then tries to attack him with scissors! But sadly, with no avail. And he says, “I should have known, you’re not better, you’re just pretending.” And then, “You can leave whenever you’re ready. But not before.”

Phil has Julia’s husband’s car. Phil collapses. In the last episode Barbie was trying to stay away from Phil.

Norrie’s moms take her and Joe to the hospital. Junior goes to get patched up. Joe finally asks about his sister! People keep coming in with fevers and headaches. And Joe and Norrie who have had seizures. what’s going on??

Angie’s Gonna Drown!

It’s decided that everyone is facing a meningitis epidemic. 1/2 the main characters are vaccinated but most of the town isn’t. It’s very contagious so everyone at the hospital has to stay there.To make sure this happens:

Big Jim gave Junior a gun! WTF

The pharmacy has been ransacked! There’s not going to be enough antibiotics! I hate that Julia is making friends with Junior. Angie’s drowning! Julia!! And then she goes on the lam half cocked.

The Reverend is burning the drugs?? He says he is “Honoring God’s plan. Those people are supposed to die. It’s God’s Plan.”  What!?

Junior starts shooting at people, big shock. Then he gives a big Go Team! I Believe in my dad! And Chester’s Mill! Then he puts down the gun and walks off? what? That was out of character.Julia is being an idiot dying from meningitis in that stupid cabin. Joe and Norrie are being super cute. Norrie thinks their seizures were from touching each other and just as she’s written it off it happens again.

Phil tells Barbie that Julia’s husband was hiring hitmen. He doesn’t know what Barbie did, just something about him owing Barbie money.Julia hallucinates her husband. Joe decides that “the dome” doesn’t want them to tell anyone about their seizures.

Junior acts like a jerk but Barbie convinces him to fork over the keys so he can go save Julia. Julia found out that her husband emptied their bank accounts. Barbie was an enforcer for a bookee (that was coming together for a while), Barbie plays a recording of her husband telling Barbie where to meet up. But he leaves out the last part and tell her he skipped town. Julia’s mad that he didn’t tell her… oh, it could be worse Julia! Joe and Norrie lie about having seizures and Joe invites everyone to stay over. He says “It’s just me, plenty of room.” Joe! Find your sister! Carolyn is stockpiling insulin for Alice. Alice puts it back. Linda makes Junior an honorary deputee. Oh jeeeeeeeeeeeez

The minister tells Big Jim that he defied God’s will. Big Jim hear Angie yelling for help! He finds Angie at last! What will he do? Why does their fall out shelter lock from the outside? WTF is that even?


Where was Dodee?????

& what do you think Big Jim is going to do with Angie?

3 thoughts on “Under The Dome- Episode #4

  1. Omg, when Big Jim gives Junior that gun I was yelling at the screen. They gave a psychopath a GUN!! and then on top of that made him a freaking DEPUTY!!

    But yeah what is up with Joe just asking now about his sister…

    Can’t wait to see what Big Jim is gonna do to Angie now that he has found her.

    • I think Angie’s toast. Big Jim is all about his public image… He can’t let this get out! Ughhhh! I’m very concerned about junior being deputized as well!

  2. So glad someone else is watching this… did you read the book?

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