Stuff I Like #3- My Boyfriend & Brooklyn, NY

I was out and about with my man and the band, Cast Iron Hike over the weekend. 

This is them: 

My man is the bass player. 

This was insane amounts of fun. Frigging best weekend. Great music, cool ass people, drinks. All the most important things.

The bar they played at in Brooklyn, looks like vampires live there. It’s totally frigging rad.


And also one of their specials is called the Pope, and it’s a PBR tall boy, a shot of Irish whiskey and a shot of pickle juice. Amazing. 


And while I was wandering around Greenpoint, I came upon a bunch of statues that I mistook for zombies.


Because my brain doesn’t go, “person!” or “statue!” or “mugger!” it goes “ACK A ZOMBIE!!”

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