Stuff I Like

I’m actually looking for some books I wouldn’t like. The first 2 books I reviewed here were completely amazing, and I actually am hard to please. I’m expecting to enjoy Deadline as much as I did Feed, and I can’t have everyone thinking I’ll just be pleased as pie about every book I read. SO… I hit up the Kindle store for some free/cheap books. 

NOW… I am not saying that cheap means it’s bad writing. Or that indie authors cannot be amazingly talented, entertaining and original.

IN FACT, I found one of the most interesting series I’ve read recently this way. The Narcoleptic Vampire series. This series stars Sleepy Willow, who became a vampire in hopes of curing her narcolepsy. Willow works at a fetish club with an interesting and diverse (humanly and supernaturally) cast of characters. Willlow’s a blood sucker who works in a fetish club …who wants to get into heaven and watches church services on TV. There’s a witch, a demon, a werewolf… a weredragon. There’s 3 and a novella out right now. Immensely entertaining. It’s racy (smutty? yeah, ok), creative characters, interesting and indepth plot. These might get a whole review at some point: But for now you can read about them here:

There’s a video on her blog that says “book promo”, check out all the good looking people you can fantasize about while you read these books. (Is it bad if I admit that Jensen Ackles convinced me to spend the first two dollars? nahhh)

Don’t be scared of indie authors. 

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  1. Awww, thank you! ❤

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