Red Sonja #4

Last time we saw the She-Devil with a sword: Dark Annisia had cast her out. Sonja, riddled with plague reminisced about her first hunt… and her first kill. Ready to dig her own grave and feed herself to wolves she was saved by her young bodyguards who said a cure had been found.



This week’s must haves + my bitchin’ manicure. (Check out the Ming Doyle Variant cover)

Annisia has the city under quarantine. An old man tries to escape in search of food and Annisia stops him, She asks the “ghosts” (the people she has killed haunt her) if she should let them man live. “They” decline, and she decapitates him swiftly. Then she decides to be a savior for the people (as Red Sonja was) and changes her name from “Dark Anisia” to “Red Annisia.”


Ayla and Nias try to rouse Sonja, who is nearly blind and attempt to transport her to King Dimath’s brother in hopes to save her. The girls hope that Sonja will come back and be their General, lead them to victory over Annisia and her army. Sonja tells the girls that they will never be soldiers…

…cut to a time, 3 years ago in the slave pit, Annisia gives our hero tips on how to survive. The two women face 4 soldiers, Annisia fights heartily but Red Sonja decapitates them.

Woken from her dream, the seamonsters are ready to gut Ayla and Nias like fish and she drags herself to her feet… she relies on her other senses to strike them down. She even bests the creature that sent her and Annisia to fight in the arena.

And then she vows vengeance against Annisia herself.

I really enjoy the way this series is going. Seriously, Gail Simone in just the best. Both Annisia and Sonja were set to do things they didn’t want to, but they kept themselves alive with anger, strength and a sense of self-preservation. While their time as slaves left Annisia tormented and spiteful, she still wants to be a savior for the people in the city. She’s jealous of Sonja. Sonja is respected, she has people who trust her AND she’s sane (although, debatably a drunkard). Annisia only has men who fear her and the ghosts in her head. She’ll do anything she can to win respect. 

I’m hoping to hear more of what Annisia was doing in the time between being rescued from the slave pits and now.

I also love that we managed to have a killer revenge story without resorting to one of them being raped. It’s so sad that I have to point out that this separates this story from so many others… but it’s true. Everyone is trying to prove or trying to decide what they stand for.

Super great. Walter Geovani’s art is on point, the girls look tough and real and their internal organs fit in their bodies. Which is another thing that is praiseworthy because people are weird…. and pretty dumb. hahaha

Can’t wait for the Red Sonja “Red Annisia” face off! 

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