Patricia Briggs! Mercy Thompson! Tattoos!

I’m judging a book by it’s cover over here.

Ch-Ch-Checkout this bad-ass.


How smoking hot is this?

She actually looks like she could kick someone’s ass! Sometimes on these covers, there are pictures, drawings, mixed media of women who I look at and think, “You! Where do your internal organs live!?”



This is the one I’m reading now. I do recognize that she’s a mechanic and no person anywhere would tie up their work shirt to be a magic push-up bra, and I admit, it’s silly.

Her tattoos also change on nearly every cover



See? But in that last one she has wolves and roses tattooed on her arm.

That is of significance to me because


That’s me! And my arm! with a wolf coming out of a rose tattooed on it!

OMG twinsies! So what we have here is a thicker waisted shapeshifter who wears mens clothes and has badass tattoos. We’d hang out.

Also; on that note, Fangs for the Fantasy evaluated a couple of the covers for this series

And there are some interesting thoughts on how the “more tattoos” sells the “tough chick” thing. And also how the “outfits” pander to the male fantasy. Which is crazy because I bet the male readership is 10% or less regardless. Maybe I’m wrong. I don’t know. I think the covers are pandering to my fantasy. If she lived in the desert I would say that maybe that’s how she does dress, because I’ve been to the Mojave and wearing eyeliner there is too much clothing. Honestly. But she’s from Washington State and, yeah, no one would wear that to work.

Until next time! Ohhhh and pretty pretty please scroll down and leave me a suggestion about a book/TV series/movie that has “OMG so much girl power” K? Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Patricia Briggs! Mercy Thompson! Tattoos!

  1. I love the series and the covers. Funny thing is Mercy has like three tattoos in the series, but on the covers she literally covered with them.

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