Under the Dome- Episode 7

Norrie wakes up Joe to tell him she wants to go “talk to the dome” and convince it to go away. She wants to see him naked. Julia and Barbie wake up together. ZzzZzz Julia’s friend Harriet comes over for yogurt, she’s 8 months pregnant and her husband is deployed.

Jim smacks the shit out of Junior and kicks him out. Big Jim is untrustworthy as fuck. Junior tells Big Jim that “the dome was making Angie sick” and Jim says that Junior is the one who is sick. But it’s obvious that he is motivated by keeping Angie quiet.


Harriet hallucinates her husband and touches the dome? And her water breaks (6 weeks early is not that early to have a baby, not that I’m an obstetrician).

Junior goes to the police station where Linda and Barbie are. Junior: now with assault rifle. NO GOOD! An even more emotionally disturbed Junior, now homeless AND armed is not an improvement.

Angie goes back to the diner alone to say goodbye to Rose. Ben shows up and Angie pulls a knife on him. She’s understandably unnerved. They have no one to take care of the bodies so Rose is a rotting corpse. In a restaurant.

Norrie and Joe are making out on the dome, “which was awesome” said Joe. 

Ollie, the guy who had water in the last episode if telling big Jim that his propane monopoly is over. Ollie has taken it over and a “guard” beats up Jim.

Linda and Junior are after the Dundees Linda spills to Junior that they were going to rape Angie after killing Rose but Barbie stopped them. Junior vows revenge… 

Julia and her pregnant friend get mugged/carjacked. It’s the Dundees! Barbie shows up! and shoots one of the brothers, but they run away. Junior’s ready to go vigilante (not surprised).

Joe’s all blah blah blah trigonometry. “If the dome didn’t come down, I might not have met you.” He knows trig but his dog is smarter than him. 

Angie wants to clean up the diner, Big Jim comes in beat up and pissed off and looking for a drink. He asks Angie if she talked to Ben about Junior.

Carolyn is worried about Alice. They have a very sweet moment before Julia barges in. 

Joe and Norrie find a dome within the dome… and in that dome, there is an egg.

Julia’s friend is having her baby ZzzzZzzzz

Linda and junior find the Dundees. One of the begs Junior for his life and Junior shoots him. Not surprised. Now he is going to think he protected Angie. I really hate him. Ollie is giving Jim shit, but Big Jim shoots up the guard’s truck. The minidome/egg makes Norrie hallucinate her mom and she knows something is wrong. Alice starts getting sick. Barbie has to deliver the baby. The baby is born and Harriet name’s her Alice. Alice says something about her heart.


Seriously. What is going on here?  

Junior shows up at the diner where Angie is and tries to “send Ben home” Ben declines. YES! Good. Angie tells Junior to take a hike. And he tells her that the Dundees will never bother her again (but Junior will so WTF). Alice is not dead (yet. Don’t kill her) Angie finally finds Joe. She doesn’t tell him what’s happened to her. 

The show ends with adult Alice probably dead, Harriet and baby Alice happy and Julia and Barbie smooching while Norrie prays to the dome and the egg get purple and shiny. I don’t even know.

This episode was confusing and in all honesty… it was annoying.

And there was an interracial lesbian couple kissing on TV… and then one of them was dying by the end of the episode. Really? Really. Ridiculous. There was a really sweet moment and it was good to see. But alas, apparently that was all CBS/Stephen King/the world was willing to put out there. We have to see Barbie and Julia make out every 5 minutes, why doesn’t Julia get killed off? Oh, because their relationship is written with a “when is she going to find out he killed her husband” long term deception story arc (which maybe someone finds interesting, I don’t). The gay couple; better make sure one of them has a life threatening health concern. It’s bad writing. I hope she magically lives because “the dome/purple shiny egg” but that seems to be a problem in itself. 

Big Jim is getting more irrational and menacing. Junior is thinking he’s a good guy and creeping around the town with a badge. There was no Dodee and Phil in this episode. I hope Angie gets to have some of her own motivations with out being further kidnapped or assaulted. Better luck next week, Dome-sters.

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