My Blog Turns 1 Month Old!

In the first month of this blog; I reviewed 12 books, 1 movie, 1 TV episode, and 2 comic books!
In return, I got 284 views from 6 different countries! Cool!

I decided to have a monthy update so I can explain what I loved most and why and give a rundown of who-what-why I thought these books were worth reading.
This months contenders: Kiss the Dead, the Hunger Games trilogy, Zombies of East Jesus, Zeek’s Loving Thorn, Feed, Deadline, Turned and Generation V

Who brought the Girl Power?

Most definitely, without a doubt: Mira Grant, Feed’s main protagonist and narrator was the super smart and ambitious Georgia Mason. In fact, even “flaky girl,” Buffy, was a tech genius. Let alone my HERO Rebecca Atherton from Deadline. All her girls were well rounded, all were down for girl time, even Georgia who was pretty much married to her work. The tough as nails zombie killer action-chick never sat around talking about how much “like a man” she is. In fact, she crushed hard and cried over someone who embarrassed her and broke her heart. Multi-dimensional! Heck yeah!

ML Brennan’s Generation V featured a male protagonist and a female sidekick, Suzume. However, she was so well written, as a complete character with her own motivations, the story would have been just as awesome if told through her eyes.

I liked both Generation V and Feed so much that I HAD TO START A BLOG AND TELL YOU HOW GOOD THEY WERE.

Does Urban Fantasy Really Hate Parents?

(some background reading of relevance: )

Oh my god, did anyone in any of the books I read have a nurturing home life?

Generation V by ML Brennan- Fort’s Bio-parents are clinically insane from going through the processes of creating a vampire baby (ML Brennan has cuckoo-crazy vampire rules, but they were well-written and awesome), his vampire mother is controlling and… well.. a murdering vampire, his adoptive human parents were murdered by his psychopath killing machine sister. Any of those would be bad enough.

Feed/Deadline by Mira Grant: Georgia and Shaun’s birth parents (different birth parents) died, adoptive parents adopted them after their son turned into a zombie. The Masons adopted them to show how they had “moved on” and used them for ratings. Becks’s parents hate that she kills zombies on camera and basically disown her.

Turned by Morgan Rice: Caitlin’s dad is MIA, her mom hates her… and dies. And it turns out she’s adopted. (yikes)

Zombies of East Jesus: Parents are redneck stereotypes, end up dead.

Kiss the Dead by Laurell K Hamilton: Anita doesn’t talk about her parents in this one much, but there is one reference to how her mother died in a car crash (there usually is).

Zeek’s Loving Thorn by Dicey Grenor: Thorn and Willow’s parents were Evangelical nutbags who tortured Willow because they took her narcolepsy as a sign that she was possessed by demons.

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins: Katniss; dead dad, views mom as useless, filling parental role. Gale; dead dad, filling parental role. Peeta; parents die.

….That’s everybody. Let me repeat: That’s all main characters from every book I read in June.
(And I already started 2 books for July and it’s not looking good for them either).