Dracula- Episode 5

Episode 4 ended with Lady Jane believing Grayson’s preposterous story about how he “saved her” from a vampire. Daniel’s father makes it his mission to take down Grayson… which  leads to the kidnapping of Mr. Renfield.

This episode opens with Mina and Grayson having an exchanged that goes, “But I know you love me.” “But I love Harker and that is final!” Which it’s not as he kisses her passionately.

But alas, her infidelity to the misogynist halfwit is just a dream and she is awakened by Lucy. Lucy, who hopes the engagement is off for the same reasons that Grayson wishes the engagement to be off, rouses the sleeping Mina to begin festivities for her engagement party.


Grayson summons Van Helsing to get to work on a “test subject” (feral looking vampire) to perfect his “sunlight serum” Grayson says “people are getting suspicious” -and they may be. but you know, this is all about Mina. 

Harker has uninvited all his friends from the paper. When Mina asks him about it he talks down to her (Lucy looks on unhappily). Mina thinks that if Harker sees his friends as expendable… she may become expendable in his eyes as well. Valid. Also valid: he’s a misogynist asshole. Her father brushes it off “he’s in a new field, it’s normal” (“that’s how men are”)

In contrast to Mina’s emotional turmoil… Renfield is still being tortured for informationa about Grayson. The woman who has him hostage asks one question, “who does Alexander Grayson love?” These scenes are graphic and cringe inducing. 

Grayson discovers that Renfield is taken by the Order. Grayson knows that Renfield will sacrifice himself… die before he will say a word against Grayson. Grayson is powerless in the daylight. Van Helsing refuses to help. Says he cannot be distracted from making the serum.

Harker finds a clue.

Grayson remembers meeting RM Renfield, Esquire, for the first time.

Harker comes to Grayson with what he knows. Grayson is glad to have a lead. Then he meets with Van Helsing for his experiment. Van Helsing injects the female vamp, then electrocutes her to cause her heart to beat, The serum flows through her veins and he opens the window coverings. She recoils from the sun… but then it doesn’t hurt her… she basks in to… momentarily. And then bursts into flames. 

Grayson then, is upset and still powerless until night fall. But after dusk, he goes to where they are torturing Renfield… He slaughters guards and the head torturer screams for her life as Renfield laughs maniacally.

Back at the engagement party, the Order is there, as is Lady Jayne. Grayson uses his vampire powers of lie detection to surmise that she is not involved in Renfield’s abduction. There’s also some interesting scene where Lady Jayne watches Lucy prep Mina and she knows that Lucy is just in love with her.

And Harker decided to invite his newspaper friends after all saying “I was beginning to forget who I was.” and Mina replies, “I always be here to remind you.” (yes, please remind him that he is a lout and should kiss your ass, please). He makes a speech proclaiming his delight at marrying Mina. A toast to which everyone but Grayson and Lucy drink. Then as a gift for the festivities… he gives the first dance with Mina to Grayson.


And the chemistry between them is obvious as they waltz. Lucy sees it, Lady Jane sees it and then Harker sees it and asks to cut in. Grayson (sadly, only) envisions himself slitting Harker’s throat. So he walks off. But so does Mina. Who goes hope in discontent hoping for another sexy dream. Lucy bawls her eyes out because Mina doesn’t look at her that way. Lady Jayne (for some reason) continues to defend Grayson and insist he’s not a vampire (oh yeah, she’ “blinded by passion”). And Grayson tends to Renfields wounds.


Which is what I thought was the great aspect of this episode. Renfield got more of a back story, he was taught law by an abolitionist who made a motion that Renfield be allowed to take the Bar exam. Which he passed. But that didn’t mean anyone would work with him or allow him to represent him. He was left penniless and friendless and serving drinks on a train (because brains and ambition really do not guarantee success, no matter what popular discourse would have you believe. Social attitudes, networks and timing play a huge role. We do not all start at the same place) to criminals who see him as less than. 

Grayson can relate to being smart and capable… but to be an outsider, to have what he wants taken from him. It’s clever and a good basis for a friendship. 

I don’t know how long they can leave Lucy to mope around for Mina. Frankly, I hope there is a resolution soon. 

Dracula episode 4

Grayson is talking to Renfield about Lady Jayne, he knows if he kills her that they will send another. Lady Jayne is kicking ass and slicing throats in the moonlight.

Grayson has summoned a vampire (two of his cohorts killed by Lady Jayne that night) to help dismantle the Order of the Dragon.


Mina is glowing with happiness about marrying Harker. (I still hate the misogynist lout) Lucy and Grayson look on, seemingly happy with this news. But Grayson quickly starts discussing business and sends Harker off while the girls go to discuss flowers and settings. Grayson says the he his testing his resonating machine (it’s fake). Lucy is bored by the idea and departs, Mina is entralled. The machine starts to blow and steam billows out as bolts fly past. Grayson grabs Mina “to protect her” (or maybe to protect her… nah). It gets intense, He’s clearly emotional and she herself gives in to the embrace.

Grayson’s vampire buddy agrees that Mina is really Grayson’s dead wife. Not a mere resemblance, but her reincarnated.

He threatens the vampire that he must never mention this again and then goes off to spy on Lady Jayne. Who he should be meeting but is standing up even though she looks like a whole bag of sexy.

Mina doesn’t understand why Grayson has offered to host their wedding. She thinks it’s weird how involved he is. She takes her concerns to her fiancee and Harker tells Mina that it was Grayson who told him he was being a fucking sexist jerk and that he should properly appreciate Mina for who she is.

Mina continues as Van Helsing’s assistant. Later Van Helsing heads over to Grayson’s for his “treatment” you know, so he isn’t allergic to the sun… he tries it out, feels the warmth of the sun- right before his hand burns. The main issues it that it is working right at the injection site, but without blood circulating, that’s the only place. Van Helsing sees it as a breakthrough, Grayson is furious.

Mina is snooping around her Professor’s things and finds his special project. She starts to examine the cells, saying that it makes no sense that the cells are still alive. She is so interested that she misses her own engagement party that Lucy is throwing for her. Lucy is worried that she is losing her friend to her husband. Lucy is most certainly pining away for Mina.

Grayson turns up at Lady Jaynes, apologizing for missing dinner. She says he is “relentlessly optimistic” that she would have time for him. He promises her an evening that she will never forget. I don’t get these two. Grayson banters cheesy pick up lines at her and then takes her to a fight club(?!). She gets so turned on by the girl on girl violence that they have an eager and passionate “lovemaking.”

From all sides, including Daniel’s father, everyone is vying for a way to get to Grayson.

Renfield is displeased with Grayson’s impetuous vampire guest. Renfield knows that he can’t be trusted and wonderfully illustrates this point to Grayson who says that the younger vampire saved his life on the battlefield many times and that he can stay as long as he wants, he’s like a brother.

Grayson heads back the Lady Jayne’s, where she dumps him (while nearly exposing her nipples from her corset). He tries to psychoanalyze her: she only wants what she can’t have.

Grayson’s guest followed him to Lady Jayne’s. He is insulted at the relationship between the huntress and Dracula. He begs Grayson to let him kill her, to make her scream… and Grayson sheds a tear.

Harker is off getting the scoop on the deaths piling up around those vying to get close to Grayson.

Grayson’s vampire has gone to sneak in to Lady Jayne. Grayson catches him and they fight. The young one gets the drop,throwing him through a table an Grayson is laid out. But in the noise Lady Jayne wakes up and vanquishes the intruder.


Lady Jayne Grabs Grayson and says, “You saved my life” (not “how did you get into my house?”)

He tells her (while they share a bath) that he’s an insomniac and was out for a walk. Worst. Explanation. Ever.

She then tells her boss that she lured the creature into her home.

Grayson is sad about Yosef, his vampire, but says he would have understood. Renfield is all, “good thing we got rid of that guy.”

At the end of the episode, we see Renfield offering to help a woman with a baby carriage and then he is abducted by Daniel’s father. In the previews for next week we see him being tortured for info about Grayson.

This show is pretty on the level as far as feminism (as expressed by the ambitious Mina, the tough and sexual Lady Jayne and the savvy socialite Lucy). 

Other than that, this show is pretty teenage thus far. Mina’s the girl everyone wants who settles for some mediocre goon. Lady Jayne is the ice queen who always has an angle, freaking Dracula is stalking around playing games with everyone’s emotions; watching from afar, selflessly putting the girl of his dreams before himself (but trusting that she’ll find out). Yosef was a fuck up, but sometimes your friends are fuck ups, it doesn’t mean they aren’t your friends. Yosef is that friend who shows up drunk and ruins the party. Lucy’s in love with her best friend. It’s like Felicity but with blood drinking and killer fight scenes.

Until next week- what will become of Renfield? How long will Lady Jayne stay under Grayson’s spell?

It was recently announce that Layer Cake‘s Tamer Hassan has been added to the cast an will appear in episode 9 (6 episodes are being shown from season 1 before a hiatus) You can read slightly more about that than what I just typed here.

Dracula- Episode 2

We rejoin Alexander Grayson on his journey to eradicate the Order of the Dragon, fake invent things and woo Mina.


Engaged in an underground battle with Van Helsing, Dracula, the man with many names gets pinned by a cross in his foot. Much credit to NBC and the awesome special effects. Van Helsing’s true love was burned at the stake by the order of the Dragon in the same way as Dracula’s true love. They team up and Dracula continues his feed.

Van Helsing and Dracula/Grayson, back in their timeline, Van Helsing is taking his vampire blood with needles and says that it is to cure his “aversion to sunlight”


Lucy (played by the awesome Katie McGrath) flirts, and meets with Mina at a fencing match. Also attending is Lady Jayne and she’s discussing who to dispatch next against Grayson. Grayson meets with the owner of the British Imperial and says he is ending their business partnership. Not that Grayson is leaving, he strongly offers the man a chance to sell his own share.

Then he heads to the Inquisitor with Renfield. He’s nursing his crush on Mina, he says he won’t “take her” that he cannot and will not. But he still seeks to draw her in. He meets with Harker, Mina’s suitor. Grayson takes a trip with Harker where he thanks him for the tip that help secure his current share in British Imperial Coolant, but of course, he doesn’t have a controlling share yet.

He makes Harker vice president of public affairs. And gives him a mansion.

Mina is lamenting that she cannot keep up as Van Helsing’s protege, as a surgeon. After barely listening to her concern over academics, Harker tells her about the position Grayson offered him. Parker, ever the wide-eyed journalist did his research and found that Grayson did not exist more than seven years ago.

Back with the British Imperial Coolant/Order of the Dragon goons, they discuss how to thwart Grayson and his geo-thermal magnetism pitch.

Lady Jayne has dinner with Grayson, she asks him about how he did his “trick with the lightbulbs” which he insists is physics and science. Then they have a sexy romp, when he pretends she’s Mina (and the viewers see her in Mina’s form).


Mina defies convention and takes a ride in Graysons carriage. Harker, faced with quitting the Inquisitor, insists Grayson has some fiendish agenda that Harker can’t put his finger on. Mina tells Grayson that she is studying to be a physician. She’s defying convention. She grew up with a doctor father and was always asked if she would be a nurse. She declined in favor of being a physician herself. She tells Grayson that she is worried about her exam. Grayson tells her that people may falter in their dreams, but the only way to fail is to abandon them. This was a much more charming response than that of her suitor. Not so charmingly, he follows her to her exam and hides in the shadows later. But she does fantastically.

The two Seers dispatched by Lady Jayne look in on Grayson, he senses them and breaks the focus in another one of those awesome effects involving wind and a bleeding mirror. Lady Jayne  surmises Grayson must be a very old vampire. Lady Jayne vows to track and kill him without seers… which since she’s sleeping with him is bizarre.

Harker, under duress of having his rent raised again accepts his job offer.

Grayson goes to a private “men’s club” and interrupts Lord Laurent, the man from British Imperial Coolant that he tried to buy out and Daniel Davenport sharing a moment. Grayson threatens to out the two of them and blackmails them with this knowledge, saying that the reputations of their whole families are at stake. (But he surely asserts that he’s no homophobe before hand. But he is willing to expose peoples sexual identity in order to publicly shame them… do I need to point out that second part voids the other?)

Harker is running his mouth to his friends from the Inquisitor about how he will make Mina a proper English wife and how marrying him will make her forget about being a physician. She walks in on his misogynist rant and runs out on him. He chases her and she dramatically tells him off. Awesome.

Elsewhere, Grayson gets hungry and takes a bite out of coat check girl Sinead, Lady Jayne nearly catches him in the act and seeing the punctured and bleeding girl… decapitates her.

Dracula edges closer to the source material this week with the enlistment of Harker to help Dracula be correct and presentable on the ways of society. I’m enjoying Mina being the doctor and student of Van Helsing’s, taking the premise from the book’s Jack Seward. It’s all very interesting and the effects are fantastic, the costumes are gorgeous.

There’s a ton going on. I’m not totally sure why Dracula is “bringing modern science” to victorian society and why the focus on destroying the Order of the Dragon is financial, and I’m not sure what’s up with Lady Jayne. But I’ll be watching, it’s certainly captivating. (that’s a little vampire hypnotism humor)