Book Review #20- Hunger Chronicles by Tes Hilaire

It’s about zombies. 


Imminent Contact: The narrator is a woman. A tough woman. A tough woman who is SCREWED

End of the Rope: 17 year old emo kid misses her brother, hunts with a bow and arrow.

Two’s Company: Instead of man vs. zombie this is man vs. man. Or man & dog vs. men. Yeah that’s accurate.

The Fittest: Ooooh this one was my favorite. The protagonist was… something else. 

Anyway, the voice and tone of each story is drastically different. The author did a great job telling a few different stories from the z-poc. From to the young to the grizzled to those with no other choice. Fun read. There’s no back story given, just that there is a z-virus and plague zombies. 

Why do all teenage girls have bows and arrows? Someone should at least write it as “I took up archery because the Hunger Games was so cool” because really, there’s no plausible excuse. Maybe it’s just because I live in the city and I’m vegan and I think prevalence of bows and arrows is being greatly exaggerated.

Irregardless! 4 Brains!

Free right now!

Book Review #14- Wool (part 1) by Hugh Howey

This is part one of the book a friend was reading while I was reading Deviants. And we said: “And then the government builds a dome and then tells everyone that they can’t go out or they’ll die and they send anyone outside who breaks any of the rules that they set. There’s all kinds of rules about rations and population control. But then someone finds out it’s a lie.” It happens in both stories. 

Wool part 1 is free right now. And I was very surprised at the way this portion of the story ended. (It’s 5 parts, and then there’s a part 6 which I believe is phase 2 of the series set in the same world and that portion is still coming out). It’s 49 pages long (someone else on amazon said 65 pages, but on the kindle app on my laptop it said 49). Quick read. It’s sad. Well written big brother conspiracy stuff. 

A sheriff asks to be sent outside 3 years after his wife does. She’d been uncovering the truth about uprisings that used to happen once a generation in the silo but aren’t happening anymore. The evidence leads her to believe that the government deleted information about the past to keep a rather massive secret. 

I’d say check it out. I’m really interested in seeing where the series leads.

Also, I’m reviewing episode 2 of Under the Dome tonight so that means… that just today I will have reviewed three things in which the government traps its citizenry under a dome. 

That’s weird.

Rating- 4 Security Cameras!