Dracula episode 3

In a flashback we see Dracula being beaten in the street. He awakens chained to a post, blood is dripped from an animal skull and his throat is slit. blood oozes out slowly, thickly and he sees the image of his wife (the one who was burned at the stake). He collapses.. only to awaken later, chained and hanging by his hands. He asks why he is not dead. The order of the Dragon has sentenced him to eternal night. “Condemned him to immortality” …So he gets to be super strong, hypnotic and live forever. Man, what a drag.

“Alex Grayson” is now holding a controlling share of British Imperial Coolant after threatening to expose the romantic relationship between Stephen Laurent and Daniel last episode.

A heart broken Mina is greeted by a bored Lucy who tells her, “Dearest Mina, do not shed a single tear for Jonathan Harker. Honestly, there’s no point in wasting a single moment more on what an awful twit he turned out to be.”

Renfield and Harker are at a business meeting, throwing Grayson’s new found weight around.

Lady Jayne and Grayson have another roll in the hay. What’s up with that? Isn’t she looking for him? Is he using mojo on her?? What is it about vampires and vampire hunters?

Mina and Lucy plan a trip to cure Mina’s broken heart and Lucy’s boredom. They go out and drink and flirt. They are falling over with laughter when they get home.


Grayson has left Mina a bouquet and he stays out til the sun is rising in hopes to catch a glimpse of her face as she sees her gift. Unfortunately the sun comes up before that can happen and he closes the curtains and the carriage runs away. Grayson then leaves to confront Van Helsing on if he has yet been able to make the serum that will allow him to walk in the sun. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of the current serum wears off after 3 minutes and 12 seconds. He is irate.

Stephen Laurent, who gave up his stock instead of being exposed as homosexual and tarnishing the reputation of his wife and children stands before the Order of the Dragon for putting his own interests before that of the Order. He commits himself to death while Daniel looks on.

Our girls are drinking absinthe and partying hard, we see Mina walk out a door and find the cherry blossoms where Dracula’s wife appeared to him after he was beaten. Mina then wakes up after passing out on a day bed (with her shoes on; party foul). A man offers to get her more absinthe, she wittily declines. “I’m not sure whether to write you a poem or paint your portrait.” he says. He feeds her lines and moves in for a kiss, she laughs in his face and he accuses her of snobbery.He close to her, still arguing, acting imposing. Not that Mina looks afraid, but Grayson to the rescue, he grabs the man from behind and throws him into a crowd.

Outside in the moonlight Grayson asks her about her troubles, “Bohemian nightlife is a poor substitute for happiness.” They part way and Grayson talks business with Harker at his office. He asks why the two parted, Harker still insists that is he has the means that Mina should not continue her studies. Grayson calls Harker a fool. Imposing unnecessary conventions instead of innovating.

Mina and Lucy are in bed, they have slept all day and Mina has missed class. She goes and sucks up to Van Helsing who forgives her and makes her a home remedy hangover cure.

The seers under Lady Jayne’s employ tak the stimulant created by Van Helsing and they are able to see Grayson (who happens to be in bed with Lady Jayne) they then become paralyzed, Van Helsing comes in and murders the pair with a mallet. 

Harker goes to see Mina (who apologizes, boooo) but Harker says that he is the one who is sorry, that he has been stubborn and says that he sees she does not require keeping or protecting. She asks him to marry her. Take that, societal conventions! He gives her his cross in lieu of a ring.

Grayson looks on at them from his carriage (stalker behavior). At home, Grayson and Renfield discuss Grayson’s actions in reuniting the lovebirds. He put her happiness (and possibly Harker’s, though it’s debatable how much he cared about that aspect) before his own. 

Daniel, disturbed and mourning the loss of his love, Stephen, shoots himself. He leaves a note for his father to find which confesses his relationship and also Grayson’s blackmail. 



This show is always good looking and the plot was a great improvement over last week. The seers, the only POC on the show other than Renfield, were brutally murdered which somehow leaves Lady Jayne thinking that the city will be overrun with vampires. I’m so baffles by Lady Jayne’s actions and disappointed that the cast is 99% monochromatic, and the that two gay characters died in the very same episode. Although, their relationship was portrayed as caring and certainly highlighted the terrible consequences of homophobia and privileging straight relationships above same sex ones. Stephen probably wouldn’t have betrayed the Order and offered his life if he had been caught out with a woman.