(Nerd) Newsday Tuesday

Didn’t even really have time to write this because I just want to play Guacamelee.

Season 3 of “Hemlock Grove” is unconfirmed but I need to know! Rumor has it that the cast was as baffled by the ending as the fans. 

Jillian Mercado got picked up to model for Nordstrom’s Summer catalog and I hope she takes up acting and saves Hollywood from mediocrity.




The Radio Of Horror youtube page is getting respectable! Check out Dr Chris’s review of The Purge: Anarchy 


Male Objectification Monday- Michael Jai White




Welcome back a feature that has been missing for far too long with this handsome dude! What lead to this choice? Do you even have to ask? 

If you must know I recently got to meet the impressive, handsome and funny Michael Jai White at TerrorCon. Michael Jai White has recently frequently appeared on CW’s “Arrow” as well as notable in genre roles in The Dark Knight, Mortal Kombat and Spawn.


Look at that smile!

Fun fact: His first roles were in Toxic Avenger sequels (late 1980s).



And he starred in, wrote and produced the film Black Dynamite (2009).


White is an accomplished martial artist and his upcoming role in Falcon Rising later this year has him battling the yakuza in Brazil.



Looks so good I can overlook that he’s a DC guy and not a Marvel guy. …And an obligatory suit picture, because he cleans up well, he’s not just another set of stellar abs.


He’ll be back on “Arrow” again next season and gracing screens of all sizes with cinematic releases as well.

Check out Radio of Horror’s YouTube page for excerpts from Michael Jai White’s TerrorCon panel!

On the show this week: actor Zack Ward!

Actor Zack Ward! Know the name? 

Well you definitely know his face: 



Zack Ward as Scut Farkas in A Christmas Story

Well, that one’s a bit outdated… How about in his more recent role in the 2007 blockbuster Transformers?


Looking familiar?



Ahhhh… there we go.

Zack Ward of horror films The Club, Freddy vs. Jason, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Alone in the Dark 2, and The Devil’s Tomb.

He’s also done guest spots EVERYWHERE including some of my personal favorite action/scifi/genre shows over the years like, Hawaii 5-0, NCIS, Warehouse 13, Dollhouse, Lost, Charmed, Sliders and (OMG I totally forgot about this show) SheSpies. 

So much excitement!

Got any burning questions for Zack? Let us know! You can tune in Sunday night (errr… Monday morning) 12am-2am EST on wcuw.org (or 91.3 if your a Worcesterian). 

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Movie Review #6- Detention of the Dead

Ever wonder what it would be like if the Breakfast club was set during a zombie plague? 

(wait, that actually doesn’t sound so bad)

How about some added fart jokes and bad acting?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. 



The cliches (I mean characters!), all meet in detention. The nerd has a crush on the cheerleader, the goth chick has a crush on him. The cheerleaders boyfriend is a bully who along with the jock tortures the nerd. The stoner apparently has no interaction with anyone before this day. Willow, the goth, is watching the George Romero classic, Night of the Living Dead when some random students gets zombified from a bite on his hand. Then some how there’s zombies all over the school. Some of the zombies are fast, some are slow, and all are oozing black stuff from their mouths. 

There’s a ton of juvenile humor, stoner jokes, a love triangle that is… well… not so compelling. And the cliches. The toughest kids always crack during the z-poc. Someone gets bit and doesn’t ‘fess up. They just hang out like a ticking time bomb. There’s a zombie rat that was particularly bizarre. One of the funniest parts was the stoner taunting the decapitated zombie head of the teacher that gave them all detention (yes, the decapitated head is still alive. yes, this makes no sense)… but mostly the humor is beyond immature, fart jokes, crotch grabbing, a zombie eating someone’s butt. And so many scenes that were Breakfast Club rip offs … WHY?! there were also references to Rocky Horror Picture Show and Night of the Living Dead. Which begs the question… who is this movie trying to impress? The jokes seemed tailored for middle schoolers who wouldn’t understand the classic references. Who is this movie for? I don’t know.

Eh, this movie gets 1.5 brains… which is the amount of brains all the characters had combined.

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