Forever Evil #1

The first week of the DC Villains take over was super interesting… I missed the collectors cover for Reverse Flash the second week and there were none I wanted this week. So I figured I’d get back to the “What is going on here anyway?’ with Forever Evil #1

Lex Luthor starts off in one of his helicopters, Lex-Soar 6, (reminiscing about how he drowned a cat… gross) having a business meeting with Thomas of kord Industries. Then he threatens to throw the guy out of a helicopter. Then he threatens the man’s entire family. The plan is to kill him, dissolve the company, dissolve employee pensions, ruin his professional reputation, get his son addicted to drugs, introduce his wife to a lovely man and then have him leave her on the day the son overdoses and dies. Then she’ll kill herself. (Well this is convoluted as all hell.)


The helicopter starts crashing, Metropolis has gone dark. Gotham is the next to go.

Nightwing is transporting Zsasz to Arkham, chatting with Batgirl on the radio, when someone flies past and rips Arkhams doors open bare handed. He tells Batgirl to alert Batman, even though he (and Batgirl) and Batman aren’t speaking (because of something I missed involving the Joker). Nightwing gets captured!

Luthor is letting Thomas fall to his death when he sees… Superman?

With the Rogues at Iron Heights penitentiary: Cold (dumb name) is trying to …freeze an electrified fence. (That will do what exactly?) Heatwave tries to melt it, Weather Wizard stands around. They are breaking in to get the Trickster out. They see who they think is the Flash… but it’s Reverse Flash.

Manta is being recruited into a task force. Tempted (but not fooled) by potential reduced prison sentence, Manta says the only thing he wants is the death of Aquaman.

Luthor is still following around “Superman” where he starts snorting kryptonite. And then we see… dun dun DUN DUN DUN it’s Ultraman (made stronger by Kryptonite).

Every villain busted out of prison received a communication device. The only ones working. A secret society is being assembled.

Poison Ivy says they should go their own way… because she’s scared of Batman… (what the heck? What did they do to my girl?) Everyone sees the destroyed Justice League headquarters and speculates… and takes credit for it… and then steals the heros’ artifacts.

Then the Crime Syndicate shows up to demand order. They declare: This World is Ours!

If the other villains fall in line with them, the world can be theirs, too.

Superwoman unmasks Nightwing and they vow to hunt down everyone he knows and loves for standing against them (hey wasn’t Lex Luthor just doing that?)

Ultraman declares that this world spends too much time protecting the weak (ummm….) and then some scary fascist stuff about natural selection and the destitute winning.

ANNNNNDDDD…. About the time Ultraman blocks out the sun, Lex Luthor decides he’s in over his head. That’s how you know someone’s really evil, when they are “block out the sun evil.”