Sleepy Hollow- Episode 8

Death is trapped and Abiie teaches Ichabod how to fist bump.

But try as they might, they can’t destroy him. But he is trapped in a bunker designed by Jefferson and his wife’s witch coven.

They plan to interrogate the Horseman.

“I don’t think he’ll talk.” -Captain Irving.

Ichabod and Abbie decide to call in Brooks (John Cho)

Irving: “A dead man, a mental patient and a time traveller from the American Revolution”

Abbie: “That’s our team.”

Meanwhile; 2 hunters find the Hessian’s horse and one makes a phone call saying they must assemble a team. Then he shoots the other.

Jenny gets picked up while she was enjoying a sunny day and a soy latte. No reason, but Irving wants to talk to her. Irving wants to make sure she’s really down. 

In Andy’s things, Ichabod finds a tablet with Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Andy freaks the hell out. Ichabod finds that Andy is the necromancer, he gives Andy a chance to redeem himself. Andy begs Abbie not to make him go to the horseman. His soul doesn’t belong to him anymore. He has no choice not to obey the horseman. But Abbie says please, and he agrees.


Irving takes Jenny to the scene of a faked robbery. The shop owner, hiding in a room behind a fake wall, has been shot. And something that could break the hex spell on the horseman’s cell has been stolen. Jenny surmises that they will take out the grid next so that the UV lights that weaken the horseman will go out. 

At the interrogation, Ichabod pushes the horseman and a  necklace belonging to Katrina falls from his uniform. Then we are treated to a flashback of Ichabod, Katrina and Ichabod’s friend who Katrina was originally betrothed to, Abraham. 

At the power grid, Irving and Jenny are teamed up and suited up. Irving gets snuck up on, but quickly gets the upper hand (Orlando Jones is such a badass lately). 

The Horseman says he knows Katrina’s destiny. Ichabod taunts him. The Horseman lashes out and says he will kill Ichabod. Ichabod was his mission, Washington’s prized soldier. The Horseman set out to avenge the death of Abraham (who Ichabod betrayed and killed!?)

The power goes out. UV lights are off. The Horseman releases Andy from his control. 2 hours until the power is back on and every minute the horseman grows stronger.

Abbie wants to know what happened with Abraham. Devastated after Katrina broke her troth, the pair were on a clandestine mission to deliver the Declaration and Resolves. Abraham is concerned about how he will look with Katrina leaving him! Ichabod confesses that Katrina admitted her love to him and he asks for his blessing (really, you thought this was the time?). Abraham challenges him, at first Ichabod refuses to draw his sword and yields, but Abraham does not decline. Hessians shoot Abraham while Ichabod is at his mercy and they surround Ichabod and Abraham, the other man orders Ichabod to flee and finish the mission. 

Abbie tells Ichabod that the interrogation must stop because he is out of control. Irving and Jenny come down to the tunnels. Irving suggests back-up, Abbie and Jenny disagree, could be dirty cops again. They decide to keep everyone out of the tunnels, but leave to get heavier artillery. Ichabod stays behind, unwilling to leave the horseman alone. Andy pulls a talisman out of his gut and recites an incantation that summons demons and will free the Horseman. He had tried to tell everyone that he had no choice and wouldn’t be able to stop something like this.

The Horseman challenges Ichabod to a sword fight. During the duel, he realizes the Horseman is really Abraham. Morlock came to Abraham as he died and he made a deal with the devil.He says that Katrina is held for him and will be his.again. At the last second before the Horseman has his revenge on Ichabod, Andy calls the acolytes of Morlock to secure the Horseman. Ichabod lives and the other two disappear.

Talking it over with Abbie, Ichabod says he created a monster. Abbie says that Abraham made his own choices and that people are responsible for themselves. They discuss Katrina and Ichabod says that she is the key and must be freed.

This episode was truly awesome. Action packed. Jenny’s back, Irving played a great role. 

Unfortunately… it didn’t really make sense overall. The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse… you know, from the Bible, had mythology that long predated the American Revolution. So how is it that Abraham could be one of THE Horseman? The whole universe revolves around Ichabod? a little ridiculous. Just a little. And why did it take so long for them to decide to get Katrina out? You’d think Ichabod would have been working on that somewhere in between contracting the plague and getting kidnapped by freemasons. But I’m glad it’s being addressed so she can either be free or dead and there is some sort of resolution either way with how Ichabod’s affections will go. 

I am pumped that Jenny and Irving and Andy were all in the foreground this episode, certainly the most diverse cast in genre fiction TV at the moment. Although this might hold more meaning if events of biblical proportions weren’t all centered around Ichabod (a true American patriot), his “true love” and a jealous jerk.

5 more episodes this season, I hope to see John Cho again and sincerely hope that we get more Jenny and that Captain Frank Irving gets his action on. After being skeptical and hands off in the first few episodes it’s nice to see him show what he is made of. 

Sleepy Hollow- Episode 7

We’re taken back to Boston for Paul Revere’s ride. The Hessian (with his head) shows up and starts decapitating those sending out the signal.


Present day: Abbie explains bottled water. She’s hoarded some supplies in case they need to hunker down at the cabin if the Hessian comes back. Jenny’s out of the institution tonight, Morales tries to reconcile a friendship with Abbie. She agrees to go out for coffee with him the next day. Later on that night John Cho, shows up and confronts Luke Morales.

“Rumors of my demise have been… pretty much true.” 

He warns Abbie’s wanna be suitor to stay away from her. That there are forces in play he can’t begin to understand.

Ichabod attempts to meet up with the freemasons, hears signs of a struggle and finds them with their heads removed. The horseman is watching. The Chief arrives, CSIs in tow. Cult Ritual Suicide is the official story. Irving decides that there’s still no proof the horseman exists… umm… eye witness accounts? The missing heads everywhere?

Pages torn out a freemason’s book enrage Ichabod. No one’s gotten Ichabod proper clothes yet. Ichabod is taking this personally for the life he lost, the lives of his brothers, Abbie reminds us that her mentor, Corbin, was killed by the Horseman as well. Ichabod surmises that he attacked the freemasons in search for his skull. They decide that they must destroy the skull. Ichabod guilts Irving into helping them recover the skull, it’s been sent out to another lab. It’s also evidence.

Paul, they lab tech, is puzzled by the treatment the skull received.

“No signs of life. Yet… there it is.”

While looking for a box (for the skull), the Hessian arrives armed with an automatic weapon. Irving (played by the hilarious Orlando Jones) pulls off some matrix level stunts and tries to take out the Horseman. He narrowly escapes. Now a believer he confesses that he wanted it to be a lie. And still no one will believe them, the surveillance cameras cut out, destroying evidence of what happened at the lab.


In the Freedom Tunnels IchAbbie try to smash, bash and explode the skull.

Paul Revere’s lanterns system (one if by land, two if by sea, you might have heard of it) 4 lanterns… what does that mean? 4 if by death? The lanterns are the heads of the freemasons, he lined the skulls with silver to reflect brighter and be seen further. Ichabod remembers seeing a heptagram, a devil’s trap, on a manuscript of enemy secrets back right before Paul Revere’s ride.

Abbie and Ichabod take to the history museum to find the manuscript. Ichabod takes over a children’s tour and sets straight the misconceptions that a commonly perpetuated about the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere discreetly informed others that the “regulars are coming” not the British, since they were all still British at the time (fact checked, real thing). Abbie excuses herself to call Morales and she is almost grabbed by Andy Brooks, she clocks him hard and dislocates his jaw. Andy sold his soul, but it’s the horseman who won’t let his service be over.

Ichabod accidentally discovers porn. “Paul Revere. You Rum Beggar.” In an connection that I don’t understand, he hid the password on the back of the teeth in the horseman’s skull and Ichabod finds it.

Andy gives Abbie tips on trapping Death rather than trying to destroy him.

“Is that the sheriff’s turncoat?”

Ichabod sends Andy with a message for the horseman, to meet at the cemetery at nightfall. Ichabod knows how to trap the horseman. In 1782 the masons included in the manuscript a way to trap the horseman. A witch must be summoned. Everyone immediately thinks of Katrina. But they don’t need witches, they have UV light (like in Thor 2 where a soul forge is a particle accelerator). Cicero is the password, btw, (which last episode was the code name of the traitor).

Ichabod and Abbie lament over their loneliness… but atleast they have each other.

But night is falling, so it’s time to lure the horseman to his death. They trick the horseman with fake skulls everywhere, Abbie lures him after her, faking helpless and Irving and Ichabod blast him with UV light. He’s successfully incapacitated.

This episode was great. The special effects were consistently awesome, from the scene with Orlando Jones where the Horseman is armed with an assault rifle, to the illuminated decapitated heads of the freemasons to the beyond awesome last scene. I like that Abbie and Ichabod are getting closer as friends… but on the negative: no Jenny OR John Noble this episode?! And why does Abbie hate tap water so much? Bottled water steals natural resources from impoverished areas, it’s shipped around wasting gas, causing pollution due to shipping and also the unnecessary plastic bottles. Plastic bottles can also introduce contaminates to the water inside as the plastics degrade.


The Abbie/Morales situation is still up in the air and the previews for next week show more John Cho and Ichabod losing his cool while the Horseman is their prisoner. I’m glad Irving is on board now.

Sleepy Hollow #1

Our story begins during the revolutionary war during a battle, a red coat rides up on a horse with an axe and starts destroying everyone. A patriot starts slashing at him and it’s to no avail until he takes off the horsemans head. The two collapse, and the American soldier wakes up… some time later in a cave…

It proves to be much later than expected as a modern car comes down a paved road.

Abbie is having a meal with her crotchety old partner when they get a call. She finds a weapon on the ground and then… a decapitated body. a fight ensues in which her partner gets decapitated and she sees a headless horseman ride out of a barn. She reports the details saying that he was wearing an old military uniform. She leaves out the part where he has no head.

Is that Harold from Harold and Kumar? It is!!!! John Cho (of Star Trek and Harold and Kumar) sees a man, looking confused and freaked out and assumes it’s the murderer.

Now in custody, Abbie sees Ichabod in the cell and says it’s not him. that she saw, but how many people could be running around Sleepy Hollow in colonial style military uniforms?

Ichabod asks, “Did he carry a broad axe?”

Ichabod Crane was a defector from the Queen’s army and a history professor. Proved accurate by a lie detector. Regardless, no one knows how this could be possible and the lieutenant gets orders to send Ichabod to a mental institution.

“You’ve been emancipated I take it?”

“Do you see this gun. I’m authorized to use it on you.”

“If you’re thinking I advocate slavery, I’m offended.”

“You’re offended?”

They also bicker about women wearing trousers. Then she heads off with him to check out the cave where he woke up. Ichabod tells a tale that he was sent to stop one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The Headless Horseman is death itself and somehow he has returned to Sleepy Hollow to finish what he started.

The horseman goes after a priest who says, “I’ll never tell you where it is, I’m prepared to die.” …and he does.

Even the men on the street signs get decapitated.

During the live tweet we were discussing similarities between Ichabod and Sherlock. I wasn’t quite on board til this gem of a line:

“I am insane and therefore impervious to simple commands”

But he’s more like Johnny Lee Miller than Cumberpatch. 

He goes the see his wife’s grave. Abbie admits that she’s leaving Sleepy Hollow and this is messing up her career. She confesses that when she was young her and her sister saw four white trees and a creature in the woods and then blacked out, everyone thought they were crazy. Her sister, after being labelled crazy, ended up in and out of institutions.

Abbie finds recording of an investigation into colonial times deaths of  witches in Sleepy Hollow and discovers that her partner was privately investigating strange murders that are connected, and someone else who saw a creature near four white trees believing that it symbolized the four horsemen.

The captain, Irving, seems to want to keep her off the trail

Ichabod’s wife comes to her in a dream and says that she was never buried in that grave, it’s where the horseman’s skull is. She says the answers are in Washington’s Bible. He wakes up being held down by the medical staff at the institution.

Abbie tells the staff not to sedate him and that he’s back under her custody. She tricks them with phony paperwork and they tear off. Abbie explains what she found and calls Andy (John Cho) and asks him to meet her at the church. Only, when Andy Stops home, the horseman is waiting for him. Andy confesses that he knows where to find what the horseman is after (COWARD!) Abbie and Ichabod are digging in his wife’s grave and find the horseman’s skull. The horseman shows up and goes after Ichabod and Abbie shoots him to no avail. Andy hits Abbie over the head and stuffs her in the trunk. She bites him, gets free and reinforcements show up to take aim.

“Put your hands on your… what the hell?”

The Headless Horseman runs off at dawn and Andy is taken into custody.

Andy is in a holding cell when a demon shows up. He is pleading for his life, trying to get another chance and gets….




I don’t actually know official Headless Horseman lore (Ohhh, do I have more nerd homework this week?) but this whole “We need a true American Patriot to save the world from an evil demon plot from Hell” seems… concerning.

I like Abbie, she’s sassy and savvy, but she’s believable, too. She thinks quick, but her impulsive decisions keep her at odds with her status as a police officer. No one just “lets her get away with this stuff” but she doesn’t exactly ask for permission, either.

And Ichabod, even as a History professor and a military man: I don’t buy how smart he is. I think it’s overdone. But there were some really choice lines.

Some of the effects were… silly. But eyecatching enough.

Certainly tuning in next week for more.