Important Questions: New Sailor Moon and Imaginary Boyfriends

A new Sailor Moon Anime is coming, which is riveting news. I was discussing this with some new friends at Comic Con.  Apparently the new show will be more like the original manga. Which I haven’t read. Nor have I watch the Japanese version of the show. I know, I know, nerd street cred not achieved. 

But my friends and I watched the show when we were kids, and I’m telling you…



…that Tuxedo Mask was our first boyfriend.

After blurting that one out one of my new buddies said that people fall in love with a character and then fail at relationships because they are waiting for that perfect character.

So my question for today: What fictional character has ruined you for all other men/women? Or to rephrase in a less creepy and dooming way: What character are you waiting for to leap out of the pages or off the screen to be your be your sweetie?

With the announcement of the 12th Doctor, I will add



Where the New 12th Doctor doesn’t inspire wibbly wobbly feelings for me, shout out to the 10th Doctor… adorbz



Let me know about your fictional lovers! Leave a comment below!

Feature and Follow Friday #5!

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This Week’s Question:

Q: What do you do with your books after you are done reading them?

Usually they have to go back to the library. Sometimes I display them around my house like trophies. I move A LOT and boxes of books are not conducive to that, so I try to share with friends or donate every year or two (when I move). When I used to travel I would read cheap romance novels and then leave them wherever I stayed for who ever used the room next. 

But I wish I did this:


and I love ebooks, which are doing exactly what they are going to do. But I like to hoard some paper backs so no one gets bored during the z-poc.

I didn’t have nearly enough posts this week, I know, I started a new job and everything I’m reading is long. So long. But next week, we’ll have movies, we’ll have comic books, Under the Dome episode 6, & I swear I will have Game of Thrones finished! 

Happy Friday, word nerds!