Male Objectification Monday- David Tennant

In honor of Boston Comic Con (and the legions of women and girls dressed up as TARDIS and Daleks) and John Barrowman; I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Male Objectification post to the real reason I got into Doctor Who: David Tennant.


And yes, I pretty much am one of those “fake ass Doctor Who ‘fans’ who only likes the Tennant Years.” I liked Eccleston ..I was “eh” about Matt Smith. But Frigging Tennant just brought it every time.  The style, the quirkiness, the angst.


How could you not love that face?!


Capaldi is taking the Doctor and his current companion down a darker, more serious road (SPOILERS) So let’s take a moment to appreciate the proper slim, zany, kooky-on-the-outside-damaged-on-the-inside Doctor. The Doctor who drew in more female fans than any other.  Played by the actor who loved Doctor Who so much he wanted to act, who reportedly got the credits changed from saying “Doctor Who” to “The Doctor” (because his name isn’t Doctor Who). The Doctor who wore Converse with a three piece suit.

And wore it so well that it’s hard to find a picture of Tennant in anything else.ten4

Except this one shirtless pic from the Fright Night remake.


John Barrowman singing his song about when Jack Harkness meets the Doctor.

Silver Surfer #1

I waffled on whether or not this was something I was going to read. I never cared for Silver Surfer. That is very likely because my only exposure to Silver Surfer was that terrible Fantastic Four sequel. I read the short in All-New Marvel NOW! Point One and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I saw complaints that the Point NOW! compilation was a convoluted money suck ..and honestly, there were a couple underwhelming stories… All-New Invaders, anyone? But Silver Surfer blew me away. And ultimately that glimpse is what caused me to try this series.

One major and unmistakable plus is Mike Allred on the art. It’s unmistakable in style, it’s lush and fun.


Another plus? The characters, Eve and Dawn, twin sisters who could not be less similar. One wants to travel the world, one is happy to stay at home in the most wonderful place on earth. One dresses like a bumble bee and one like a lady bug. It’s really nice to have the “opposite” duality played with out cliched “light and dark”, “good and evil” undertones. But make no mistake Eve and Dawn are really like Night and Day.

The story begins with two children and their father looking up at the night sky when a shooting star passes overhead. The first girl wises to travel the world and go anywhere and everywhere all the time. Dawn, hard pressed for a wish of her own, impulsively (and sweetly) says, “I wish that the star could just keep going. Then everyone could get a wish. And it could stay up in the sky forever.”

But it wasn’t a star… it was the Silver Surfer (who had stopped by Earth to see if it was a suitable meal for Galactus).

Flash forward 12 years, Norrin Rad is reformed he’s no longer the herald and is no longer followed by a wave of distruction. He’s rebuilding a universe, he’s embarrassed ..and he’s afraid, he isn’t a God and unworthy of praise, he’s trying to atone but he knows ultimately there is no redemption for him. He decides to leave and let them have their lives. And he is soon propositioned by 2 floating eyeballs to be the champion who saves the IMPERICON.

What’s the Impericon? A collection of all the wonders from all the universes, a magnificent travelers outpost that had always been a secret. Zed (a fishy alien) facilitates his appointment of championship and scans him with “the motivator” to see Silver Surfer’s true intentions.


Meanwhile, the mundane Dawn helps run the Bed and Breakfast in her hometown of Anchor Bay while Eve has wonderful adventures across the globe.

While Zed is convincing Norrin Rad that he must save the Impericon from a mysterious oncoming threat, he reveals he has some collateral to make sure Norrin complies. The most important person in the universe. Turns out, that “Motivator” also finds the one person in all of creation who means the most to him. Silver Surfer screams and tries to think of who of his family or allies they would imprison…

…But the person who is summoned… is Dawn.

“Okay. I have absolutely no idea who that is.”

Dan Slott is quite obviously a huge Doctor Who fan, with Norrin Rad as the intense and troubled by his past Ten and homebody Dawn Greenwood as audience insert Rose Tyler. Her sister is going to be so jealous of her adventures. It’s also very interesting, how could she be the most important person in the universe? Was it her wish? did a child’s wish ensure the longevity of the Silver Surfer? How sweet is that possibility?

Mike Allred’s art is stunning. It’s just phenomenal, retro looking but heavily detailed, Laura Allred adds popping color and contrast. The result is beyond spectacular, especially so with the Impericon.

Steven Moffat

Yesterday I watched the 6 episode season of 2007’s BBC TV series “Jekyll” And found myself thinking and thinking about what the hell is up with Steven Moffat.

Now, Steven Moffat; known for writing “Sherlock” and  “Doctor Who” is frequently criticized with how he writes women. From the girl who waits Amy Pond (although it is worth noting that Rory also waited for Amy) and River Song a seemingly badass archaeologist who we find out revolves solely around the doctor to the waffling behaviour of Irene Adler in “Sherlock” to reimagining history in the recent 50th anniversary of Doctor Who special with Queen Elizabeth I. You can read a really rad rundown here.

He also says stupid, shallow and misogynist things. Repeatedly.

In Jekyll we have Dr. Jackman (who we never see doing any “doctor” things, but who had worked for biotech company Klein and Utterman before Hyde started taking over) who at first appears to have a split personality with the alternate personality having severe violent tendencies. But then it’s more than that: there’s a physical change. But then it’s more than THAT: Hyde is actually the next step in human evolution.

And being the next step in human evolution: People rally around to get a piece of him.
But not just that: they exist solely to facilitate bringing around Hyde.

Uh huh.

The real catch is that no one was really sure if Hyde will exist at all even though they have committed their lives to it and unsurprisingly, since it is Moffat, most of these people were women.

When Jackman starts losing control of Hyde he separates himself from his wife, Claire, and their two children without explanation. He locks himself up and hires a psychiatric nurse. Through a series of events Dr. Jackman finds out that Jekyll and Hyde wasn’t a work of fiction but a fictionalized account of real events. He begins to think he is a descendant of Dr. Jekyll (but Dr. Jekyll had no children… which is repeated so many times that I was left ready to scream “Hyde had children, you twits!”) but instead they somehow come up with Dr. Jackman must be a clone.


All the while: Claire stands up to Hyde. Albeit for some very “faithful wife” and very “maternal” reasons. She’s mad at Jackman for keeping his condition a secret from her. She worries for her children above all. We never see any of her personality outside of this except for a flashback when she first meets Jackman and is so funny and weird (and cool). But anyway, she is sassy and unafraid. She slugs Hyde with a wine bottle and chains him up. And later, she tries to rescue him: because Hyde is her husband, too. While that last part might make your eyes roll, or not, I don’t know, and the amount of time she yells “my husband” or “my children” was cringeworthy… it was still kind of okay… until…

They find out that there was never any potion… that it was “a girl” that brought it on. Then they find out that his wife, Claire, is actually a clone of Dr. Jekyll’s maid.

Cloned by Klein and Utterman strictly for bringing out Hyde in the modern Dr. Jackman.


Claire’s entire reason for existence is to fall in love with the drab Dr. Jackman and bring out Mr. Hyde.


Katherine, the psychiatric nurse that Jackman hires also turns out to be working for someone else. So her adult life is also revolving around Jackman-Hyde. She also inexplicably has a crush on Jackman.
But I can’t even chalk (well… all) this up to Moffat’s incredibly archaic views on women.

Longtime friend Peter Syme’s life revolves around keeping tabs on Jackman. It’s the whole reason they are friends. For decades.

So the question I would really like to pose: While, mind you, I am not arguing that Moffat doesn’t see women as fragile discounted versions of men; Is Moffat just plain incapable of writing any characters that don’t just orbit around the MC? 

It happened in “Doctor Who” repeatedly: Clara “the girl who would save the doctor” and Amy Pond who wasted her childhood staring at a crack in the wall, and Rory as “the last Centurion” and River Song.

It happens in Sherlock. Let’s face it, this needs no explanation.

It happens in Jekyll. With every other character. Including the two PI’s who would have been more awesome if they just cashed their paychecks and left. Why would they continue to help Jackman 1) not knowing him previously 2)knowing that he could turn into a violent and powerful being at a moments notice 3) knowing that huge government agencies would stop at nothing to obtain him?

While assembling my thoughts I also read this article that discusses Moffat’s inability to have his characters deal with loss and grief. This also happens in “Jekyll” where we get to the end. Every one who the audience cares about is okay. Even Tom Jackman… and probably even Hyde. 

(and then his mother turns out to be the descendant of Hyde?! But then who brings Hyde out in her if they needed to clone the maid? what sense can that make?!)

Movie Review#16- Thor: the Dark World

No major spoilers. Super hero movies, gotta love them, right? 


There’s nothing to not like. It’s gorgeous and fun and funny. There’s action and romance and Chris Hemsworth with no shirt on. There’s fake science, there’s drama, there is effing KAT DENNINGS.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth, Avengers, Star Trek, Cabin in the Woods) returns to do battle with Malekith (Christopher Eccleston, 28 Days Later, “Doctor Who”), the vengeful leader of an ancient race of dark elves that seeks to destroy the Nine Realms. I won’t spoiler this for you, but it involves something that Jane Foster -in a role reprised by Queen Amidala herself, geek goddess Natalie Portman- while inspecting an anomaly that defies physics and logic. 


Odin (Anthony Hopkins, Hitchcock, Hannibal) doesn’t even know how to handle the dark elves (who have spaceships- that doesn’t really make sense. elves are supposed to be tree-people… and if the had been nearly obliterated wouldn’t someone have destroyed their tech?)


When they attack Asgard they wreak havoc in ways that makes busting Loki (Tom Hiddleston) out of jail and committing treason seem reasonable. 

Loki is imprisoned after, you know, wreaking havoc on New York in the Avengers. I personally never really had a soft spot for Loki but this movie definitely won me over. You can’t trust him, but you can trust Loki to be Loki.

Kat Dennings, as per usual, plays a sassy, immature, bold, awesome chick as Darcy, Jane’s BFF and intern. She’s just there for the laughs. But she gets them, so there you go.

What’s unfortunate is that none of the characters has any real character development, everyone leaves pretty much the same way they came. It’s throw into discussion more than once that Thor is going to live 5,000 years longer than Jane. That human lives are a flash in the pan compared to Asgardians, but it is quickly disregarded. The villain in this picture, Malekith, the dark elf is completely unsympathetic, he wants to destroy all the nine realms. He’s evil. There’s nothing redeeming. Loki is the only complex character, which is probably why I fell for him. 



Loki surpassed my expectations in his third pass as antagonist. While he won’t be back for the Avengers sequel, sources say there may be another chance for the God of Mischief to scheme against (or with?) our Marvel heros. 


You should definitely see Thor: the Dark World. The special effects are off the chain, and lets face it, the current stretch of Marvel movies is so good, there’s no point in acting like you are too cool for this one. But nothing ground-breaking happens here. One thing I was impressed with, all the women in this movie have their own unique strengths and weaknesses, it would have been really easy to make Jane into an action chick out of the blue, or make her helpless without Thor. Neither of which happens. Darcy is a one dimensional big mouth, but I like her. Sif… oh man, we needed more Sif (played by the wonderful Jaimie Alexander, who -please please please- may be Wonder Woman). 

I give in a 3.5 …it was formulaic, but flashy enough to make up for it.

Side note- In Norse mythology, dark elves were subterranean and would turn to stone if touched by sunlight. In some mythos they would sit on a sleeping person and whisper evil things to them to create nightmares (which has no relevance within the film) and in other myths, dark elves had more magical potency through causing death, they would absorb the life-force and it would make them more powerful (which would have explained why they wanted to destroy all nine realms in this film.

Important Questions: New Sailor Moon and Imaginary Boyfriends

A new Sailor Moon Anime is coming, which is riveting news. I was discussing this with some new friends at Comic Con.  Apparently the new show will be more like the original manga. Which I haven’t read. Nor have I watch the Japanese version of the show. I know, I know, nerd street cred not achieved. 

But my friends and I watched the show when we were kids, and I’m telling you…



…that Tuxedo Mask was our first boyfriend.

After blurting that one out one of my new buddies said that people fall in love with a character and then fail at relationships because they are waiting for that perfect character.

So my question for today: What fictional character has ruined you for all other men/women? Or to rephrase in a less creepy and dooming way: What character are you waiting for to leap out of the pages or off the screen to be your be your sweetie?

With the announcement of the 12th Doctor, I will add



Where the New 12th Doctor doesn’t inspire wibbly wobbly feelings for me, shout out to the 10th Doctor… adorbz



Let me know about your fictional lovers! Leave a comment below!