Top 10 Movies About Aliens

Today is the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident reporting! (Thanks, Google!)

There are SO many movies about alien foes, alien friends and intergalactic travelers. It was hard to choose!

10. Lilo and Stitch

9. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The movie could never live up to the book.


8. Barbarella

Freaky children! Creepy dolls! Hot babes! In outer space! Campy fun.

7. Titan AE

Sidenote- I have a total crush on Matt Damon. I met him once.

6. Starship Troopers

It’s sort of a rip off of Armor. Whatever. It’s still cool.

5. It Came From Outer Space

Which is less about aliens than it is about the Cold War

4. Superman: Doomsday

The most popular alien of all time unearths intergalactic serial killer Doomsday and ends up in the fight of his life in this PG-13 goodie.

3. Astro-Zombies

The best/worst movie of all time!

2. Repo Man

In this 1984 CLASSIC Otto, Leila, a secret government agent, and rival Mexican repo men, the Rodriguez Brothers, all compete with each other to find the Malibu containing 4 dead but dangerous aliens. The Malibu is being driven around Los Angeles by a scientist, who originally stole the aliens from and drove to California, slowly losing his sanity on the way due to the radiation omitted by the aliens.

1. Fifth Element


Have you watched any of these goodies? What would you put on your list?

Honorable mentions to both ET and the Avengers!

Movie Review #2- Girl vs Monster



Honestly this movie was so adorable. Skylar is a literally fearless fifteen year old. She’s also a fifth generation monster hunter. Monsters in this story feed off of your fear in order to manifest themselves, usually around Halloween, when fear is running rampant. Skylar’s parents catch these creatures and lock them in a tank. They also never explain this to their daughter. Soooo… Skylar, unburdened with the family business just wants to go to and sing at a Halloween party (it’s the Disney Channel, everybody sings), but her parents lock her in the house with a babysitter. She cuts the power. Monsters get out. Ohh nooo! 

So Skylar and her BFFs, Henry and Sadie go monster hunting complete with steam-punk-y weapons! Sadie is a nervous girl and a book worm but she really steps up to help out Skylar, and they both get giddy and start cheering when they catch their first monster. Adorbz


It was really cute. Cheesy songs, silly CGI effects. 

They find out that the only way to fight monsters is to face your fears! So there’s musical numbers to get over stage fright and a boy asks Skylar on a date. Ridiculously cute.



And this girl Kathrine McNamara who plays Skylar’s rival, Myra. First she’s kinda gawky and snobby and at one point she get’s possessed by a monster. SUCH GOOD ACTING

Netflix rated this for 8-12 year olds, I think. It’s silly and cute. The monsters don’t look so scary. But it’s a good little spooky story. 

4 Pumpkins! 

(I’m pretty sure half a point was for Skylar’s pink leather jacket. Check it.)