Male Objectification Monday- Charlie Hunnam

Since we’re stuck with some lackluster nerd for the 50 Shades movie instead of the British (!!!) heartthrob, let’s take a moment to revel at the exquisite physical specimen that is Charlie Hunnam. 



“Sons of Anarchy” will soon premiere it’s final season (September 9th)and I’m sad to see it go, and Charlie’s portrayal of the often shirtless Jax Teller is a big part of that.

 charlie hunnam shirtless sons of anarchy

But no worries, Charlie will be on the big screen again in the Guillermo Del Toro flick Crimson Peak and in the as of now hypothetical sequel to Pacific Rim



I do enjoy the biker aesthetic. And I still maintain that he wasn’t right for the role of Christian Grey because absolutely no one wants to see him in a suit and tie. But… incase I’m wrong:



Or maybe both looks at once?



For those of us who like to fantasize, we can keep Jax alive longer (and visualize the gorgeous Charlie Hunnam) while reading “Sons of Anarchy:Bratva” due out November 11, the novel is available for preorder here.

The Fifty Shades Cast

The internet already exploded at this and Sweaters For Days wrote something more hilarious and awesome than I will.

I didn’t read that book because it was boring as shit. Ana had no damn personality and I can’t suffer through it. I didn’t read twilight, and I’m not an undersexed housewife, so really fuck that stupid book.

I did read far enough to see the descriptions, and really Matt Bomer was the only choice, here.


but anyway, they cast Charlie Hunnam. Who in my opinion is incredibly fine. (people on Sweaters for Days were ripping him apart, and I’m like “bro, do you even watch Sons of Anarchy?” That’s fine. But really, you’d fuck him. Don’t play.)

But absolutely no one wants to see him in a suit.


Ps- Did you know he really talks like this:

And arms himself with hatchets, machetes and a samurai sword. Weapons in every room. I always admire preparedness.

I’m hiding out at Charlie Hunnam’s house for the z-poc!