V-Wars #2

This cover: I hate it. It looks like a cheesy direct to DVD horror flick. It took me forever to “see” that vamp in the corner left so it appeared to me at first that the woman in the center had her hand down lipring vampire’s pants. Who ok’d this? A reporter is held hostage […]

The Strain- episode 1

Considering all the weird ass things that have happened with planes recently, this is very… uhh… timely. On an international flight out of Berlin. A stewardess is preparing passengers for landing. She’s called to the front of the plane by the pilot, deals with a couple trouble passengers and gets to the front. The pilot […]

Books, Brains and Blood Read-a-thon Reading List

Once again, my Summer Reading List could beat up your Summer Reading List. The OFFICIAL Time Wants a Skeleton Reading List for the Vampires vs. Zombies reading challenge. Vampires: V-Wars by Jonathan Maberry Undead are a Joke (part 1) by Chris Denmead Zombies: Viral Nation by Shaunta Grimes End Dayz by Kellie Sheridan When Graveyards […]