Male Objectification Monday- David Tennant

In honor of Boston Comic Con (and the legions of women and girls dressed up as TARDIS and Daleks) and John Barrowman; I’ve decided to dedicate this week’s Male Objectification post to the real reason I got into Doctor Who: David Tennant.


And yes, I pretty much am one of those “fake ass Doctor Who ‘fans’ who only likes the Tennant Years.” I liked Eccleston ..I was “eh” about Matt Smith. But Frigging Tennant just brought it every time.  The style, the quirkiness, the angst.


How could you not love that face?!


Capaldi is taking the Doctor and his current companion down a darker, more serious road (SPOILERS) So let’s take a moment to appreciate the proper slim, zany, kooky-on-the-outside-damaged-on-the-inside Doctor. The Doctor who drew in more female fans than any other.  Played by the actor who loved Doctor Who so much he wanted to act, who reportedly got the credits changed from saying “Doctor Who” to “The Doctor” (because his name isn’t Doctor Who). The Doctor who wore Converse with a three piece suit.

And wore it so well that it’s hard to find a picture of Tennant in anything else.ten4

Except this one shirtless pic from the Fright Night remake.


John Barrowman singing his song about when Jack Harkness meets the Doctor.

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