Extant- Episode 4

I was a couple minutes late so I don’t know the first scene. I saw Yasimoto killing a robot in a tank.

Molly and her fam are on the run and they crash with her pops. His dog isn’t a fan of her anymore. Probably because she’s carrying an alien fetus. But the robot child is not a target for Cujo, Ethan also appears to be enjoying time with his grampa and crashing in Molly’s old room.

Sam is being held by Molly’s bosses, she goes into the restroom and tries to fluch Molly’s blood sample. The men accurately surmise that she’s trying to determine the DNA of the fetus. On the beach Grampa is teaching Ethan how to skip rocks, which Ethan immediately excels at. 

“So when we do the test and it’s our’s what’s next?” “We have the baby.” …what’s this ‘ours’? the fetus is a damn alien. An alien that looked like her dead ex.

Sam gets blackmailed. Molly sees her creeper stalker alien ex in the garage where John is working. Ethan tells Grandpa that his mom and dad have secrets, then he gets Ethan embroiled in gambling on bar games. The game is Bimini Ringtoss, which was possibly invented by Hemingway.


Pops falls off the wagon and then lashes out at Ethan (when he intentionally loses, after noticing that people were getting wild).Grandpa gets out to open the gate. mere moments, but Ethan is abducted.

The police refuse to search; saying the won’t risk men for a machine. John pleads with them to know avail and then punches one. Meanwhile, Molly takes matters into her own hands and finds Ethan, powered down. 

Then helicopters circle. Now, Molly is a capable woman. But she’s upset about the possibility of her son in danger, she’s having what anyone would consider to be an unsafe pregnancy and she’s been hallucinating. MAYBE you should have gone with her John.

John’s in a holding cell while Molly wakes up in a hospital gown and a sterile atmosphere, those circles appear on her abdomen. Then she uses some amatuer telekinesis and then beans a doctor to escape. Sadly, the disoriented Molly runs into another room full of medical staff. Including Yasimoto.

Molly’s boss runs the blood sample.

Molly wakes up in time for knockout gas and we see them using a laser to cut into her abdomen. 

I need answers!! Shit gets real with more human problems and less hallucinations.

Next episode looks truly freaky.

Tonight’s Tropes? Bad black father. Menacing Asian doctor. 

But all in all the characters are very multidimensional …except Marcus… probably because he’s a hallucination. A creepy one at that. For the record: If I had a creepy robot kid, I would definitely exploit his weirdness for free drinks.

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