Movie Review: Septic Man (2014)

The opening scene of this flick: a tale about a sewerage worker who undergoes a hideous transformation after getting trapped in a septic tank. The city’s water has become contaminated to the point where everyone is evacuated. 

The initial scene has a violently ill woman getting sick to death after drinking the contaminated water. It’s truly nauseating. 

Jack, (Jason David Brown, Monster Brawl) our main protagonist and sewerage worker, has a pregnant wife at home and is put in quite a situation as he seeks to flee. But Jack is given a well paying mission to stay and help by Phil Prosser (played by Julian Richings, -Death on “Supernatural”). Jack’s wife, Shelley, (played by Molly Dunsworth, “Haven”, Hobo With A Shotgun)  is stunned that he would stay behind and fears for her safety and that of her baby, but Jack wants to keep the money and provide for his family.

So he does. and he seeks to find the source of the contamination and saves the town, but the tank slams shut and he is exposed to the highly contaminated water As he tries to escape he quickly finds that there’s no way out and we watch him struggle physically, as he gets hurt and falls ill and he is influenced emotionally wondering how he will get back to his wife and if he’ll meet his child.

Jack comes by a Giant (played by Robert Maillet, “Haven” upcoming Hercules) and Lord Auch (Tim Burd, Saw 2, 3 &5). The spike toothed Auch and his large brother keep Jack captive as residents are called home. But Giant has a change of heart about killing Jack after Auch attacks him. Jack starts getting crazy -talking to dead bodies, and his flesh turns black and he physically breaks out in boils. He starts hallucinating about Prosser and his wife, Auch and Giant fight over Jack’s fate and it becomes unclear who is alive or dead.

This is a truly bizarre and nauseating film. 

I don’t really know why I watched this. To the director (Jesse Thomas Cook) and production team this movie looked good… if by good you mean sickening, gory and disturbing.

Too weird for words.

2 Stars? Mostly for Julian Richings who is just a fabulously creepy individual.

One thought on “Movie Review: Septic Man (2014)

  1. Yeah, every Gross Out Horror movie I’ve seen or heard of are dumb. I don’t know many people who actually want to be nauseated by a movie that doesn’t have some sort of deeper meaning.
    On that front, why is there going to be a third Human Centipede? Besides going all-out with the gross-out moments, what is so special about this series that warrants more than one?

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