She-Hulk #4

She-Hulk is upset about the way her case went. She successfully argued that Von Doom’s son Kristoff should be granted asylum from Latveria only to have Von Doom swoop in (literally) and kidnap Kristoff. And to top it off, they were paid in Latverian francs which the bank considered “conflict currency” and confiscated it. No closer to being able to make the lease, Jen can’t decide if she should get back to work or confront Victor Von Doom. 

To help her choose, she asks fellow lawyer/superhero Daredevil.
They talk shop and then go on some superhero adventures. 

I know many people are not into Pulido’s art (and I get it, it’s kitchy), but it suits the series impeccably. This spread was outstanding:



Let’s just face it.

She-Hulk does decide to head for Latveria, but instead of solving her problem with her big green fists she talks it out with Victor Von Doom and convinces him that he’s not raising his son as a leader, he’s raising him to bow down. Then she heads back to her office to recap with her assistant and investigator. She uncovers a case where She-Hulk herself is the defendant- along with a slew of other supes in a suit brought on by George Saywitz. 

I don’t know who that is. Or who Rufus Randall is. Just being honest before I research.

3 thoughts on “She-Hulk #4

  1. Easily my favourite comic of the week. And as far as I can tell, neither George Saywitz nor Rufas Randall are pre-existing characters.

  2. Yeah, this series is great. Just such a fun series.

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