Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW

or Uncanny X-Men vs SHIELD #1

I was reading Uncanny X-Men during BotA and then I stopped when the crossover ended (although I kept up with All-New X-Men) but I decided that the new “jumping off point” was the perfect time to get back into it. Brian Michael Bendis writes stuff I want to read. That’s the long and short of it.


So those other X-men at the Charles Xavier school have been under attack by SHIELD designed Sentinels (this truth came out near the end of BotA when Xorna/Jean Grey forced SHIELD helicarriers to attack the X-Men and exposed this new weaponry) because of this Cyclops has become increasingly reclusive and paranoid. The face of the New Mutant Revolution is considered a terrorist by SHIELD and in the early pages we see Maria Hill trying to track down Cyclops, she confronts and interrogates Hijack. And Raven (who has been living as the disco diva) draining Disco Dazzler of her “mutant growth hormone”. It’s heavy.

Cyclops and Eva (who? I’m not sure) are monitoring cerebro for mutant activity when they see some that is… significant. They rush to be the first there. With a “To me, my X-Men” Cyclops, Magik, Emma Frost, the Cuckoos, Christopher, Eva, et al., rush to the scene.. but it was a trap and they are confronted with these new Sentinels. Emma and Magik make fun of each others shirts before they try to GTFO.


Which they can’t- their mutant powers are being disrupted. Luckily Magik’s sorcerer powers still work (she’s been studying with Dr. Strange lately) and Eva can still create a “time bubble” (and Emma Frost whispers a “you have to tell him” when Cyclops thanks her.. I have questions). The Sentinels run off.

And the X-Men are left in the middle of some serious destruction. People are pissed, people are scared,

And Cyclops declares war on SHIELD… and whoever else.

Jeez. BMB is just phenom. Let’s face it. And if there’s anything I like more that a hero rising it’s an ego maniac driving himself into a paranoid frenzy. Oooh, and I love Magik, I was hoping she’d hang out with KP’s team (they’re in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy right now) but this works for me.

But I have questions:

I’ll link some reviews in hopes they’ll come over and explain.

xmenxpert reviews this week’s Uncanny X-Men and X-Men #12 -and I agree, Magik is her own book worthy… I mean seriously, LongShot (who?) has a book… Wolverine has 3. STAHP

healed1337 also liked this month’s Uncanny X-Men over X-Men #12.

Hi guys, hope that got your attention: Who the heck is Eva and where did Rogue go anyway?

5 thoughts on “Uncanny X-Men #19.NOW

  1. Eva is one of the new characters in Bendis’s Uncanny X-Men; she’s Australian. Her main ability is to create time bubbles, which she first used to freeze people within the bubble. A few issues ago (maybe the last issue, I’m exactly sure), the new students were sent to the Savage Land as an “exercise”. Eva suddenly disappeared, and re appeared with longer hair, mostly torn clothes and was missing her earrings. She then told one of the telepathic triplets not to tell anyone what she had been through. We’re not supposed to know what happened yet, so you’re not the only one with questions.

    Rogue was apparently killed in Uncanny Avengers (Neither I nor Xmenxpert would recommend that title – http://healed1337.wordpress.com/2014/01/29/uncanny-avengers-16-review ) but she’s since shown up in Avengers AI and other characters “killed” in UA (Including Wolverine) have shown up elsewhere since. It’s hard to say exactly where Rogue is, but I’d be kind of angry if her UA death becomes official.

    As for this issue, I agree. I was at first worried that he’d be mediocre (much of his Avengers run wasn’t all that special), but he has a great handle on the X-Men and has been writing them so well for the most part. And at the very least, Magik should get a mini-series. Maybe one that highlights her training with Doctor Strange where they take on one of his magical villains together.

  2. Quick correction of healed: The kids were sent to Tabula Rasa, not the Savage Land. Tabula Rasa was created in Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force run. Rather than a prehistoric world, it’s actually an area (in Wisconsin, I believe) where evolution was advanced at an impossible rate, leading to flora and fauna that’s never existed on Earth.

    And yeah, Eva was one of the first new mutants Bendis brought in. Before even the incomparable Goldballs. So she’s been here pretty much all along.

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