All-new X-Men #24

AKA Trial of Jean Grey part 5 (of 6).

After a slow paced part 4, we jump right in this issue. King J-Son of Spartax interrupts Gladiator’s trial on the grounds. That Jeannie is still a child and he lets Jeannie know thgat the Shi’ar have killed her whole family. (Oracle’s stolen glance at her; that complete ‘oh, shit ‘ expression? Perfect) She escapes.

The Guardians, Starjammers, KP, and the Original X-Men are closing in. Anxiety getting to Scott Summers. His father is watching him make the same impulsive decisionsover Jean that the older Scott Summers did. The Guardians lay the majority is the smackdown on the Shi’ar Imperial Guard.

But while Jean was on the run she felt herself turning into the Phoenix…

Talk about self fullfilling prophecy.

So she goes to turn herself in. One more issue left and I’m desparate to know which way everyone is going!

…Especially X-23 I hope she becomes BFFLs with Angela and Gamora and still hooks up with Young Cyclops in outerspace sometimes.

3 thoughts on “All-new X-Men #24

  1. Just finished reading this issue, thought it was really good. I liked the bit where the trial was interrupted, and when Jean learned that Gladiator and the Shi’ar killed her family. Good with the Guardians, Starjammers, and Xmen as well. Good shock ending as well.

  2. The best page was probably the wordless spread after Jean Grey escaped, where she finally had time to sit down and react to everything that’s happened. Everything about that page works.

    And I’m totally with you on the X-23/Gamora and/or Angela team up. Even if its not in this crossover (let’s be fair, Jean Grey is the real star in this story), it would be awesome to see these 3 fairly similar characters working together against, say, space assassins.

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