Male Objectification Monday: Andrew Garfield

The latest actor to take on the role of Peter Parker, Andrew Garfield, is incredibly handsome. The babyfaced 30-year-old can pull of hipster cool, mature suited style as well as the flashy fitted spandex Spidey-suit. Or no shirt. No shirt is good, too.




Look at those buns!


Look at that hair!

But Andrew’s more than just a pretty face, co-star (and girlfriend) Emma Stone take the opportunity to use annoying run ins with the paparazzi to shout out their favorite charities instead of doing something flashy or rude:


(Full story)

AND the entire cast of Amazing Spiderman 2 are leading the Earth Day 2014 celebration. Good looking people who are concerned about the environment and use their privilege to benefit others? I dig it. 

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