She-Hulk #2

Javier Pulido keeps the art very bright, very 70’s/80’s. Charles Soule keeps it light and jampacked with girl power and nerd cookies.

Jennifer Walters takes the money that she was paid for representing a woman suing Tony Stark and leased and office and opened her own firm. And? For starters, everyone in the Brooklyn building has superpowers, she’s renting from Sharon King “Went to the Charles Xavier school, I could do things with weather, you know storm? I was more like DRIZZLE. That all ended on M-Day, but I know what it’s like for people with powers.” They security deposit needs to be calculated by NASA. .

 She hires on another attorney (who brought a monkey) and then sets out to find so clients. She’s being slandered by her former employer for breaking their $50,000 table. Considerably discouraged: she heads out early for a martini with Patsy AKA Hellcat. Funfact: Patsy actually predates Marvel, she first appeared in Marvel precursor Timely comics in 1944


…although, she wasn’t a superhero until 1972. Fits well with the 70s-80s look of the comic. Perfect BFFL for the McBeal-ish She-Hulk.


After more than a few drinks, Hellcat decides that she wants to take out an AIM lab some SHIELD doofus told her about. 

The AIM dudes put up a fuss, and She-Hulk sticks up for her sloppy drunk friend… and then somewhat inexplicably gives her a job. Probably so she won’t be alone with that weirdo with a monkey. Anyway, when she drags her hungover butt to the office the next morning, there’s someone waiting… Is Jen DOOMED with a difficult client?

This series is so much fun so far. I love the classic vibe, light hearted, throwing names around. She-Hulk’s superpowers mixed in with real world responsibilities in a way that we don’t usually see. LOL “I don’t know how much warehouse doors cost, but it’s probably expensive!”

2 thoughts on “She-Hulk #2

  1. Easily my favourite comic of the week.

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