Male Objectification Monday: Chris Pratt

I don’t know how well this will go over, I’m not sure how much of my readership is into some Man Candy. BUT: In a giant step for gender equality, Time Wants A Skeleton has decided to celebrate beauty and “compliment” the male physical form.

Today’s lucky dude? Chris Pratt


My jaw dropped when I saw the recently released trailer. I was already excited for it but Chris Pratt’s abs got me more hyped. Chris Pratt has waffled between being super-fit (also in Zero Dark Thirty) and adorably chubby (Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation) and either is fine, but he’d probably make more than $40 stripping right now.

And check out this video where he shows off his dance moves and shares his fitness secrets:

Chris Pratt is a hip-hop abs maniac


Chris Pratt is rumored to be hitting the screen for Jurassic World (the 4th installation of the Jurassic Park franchise) and the film reboot of Knight Rider.

Check out Pratt suited up at a pre-Oscar Party with wife Anna Faris


Bonus Content: Speaking of the Oscars (and photos) Lupita Nyong’o’s little brother got right up in the A-Listers selfie. And he looked good there. Dude’s an 11, someone put him in a movie.


Cruise his instagram for more Oscars awesomeness and proof he’s the best little brother ever. He’s just dashing.

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