She-Hulk #1

I haven’t read She-Hulk since “Fall of the Hulks” (2009-2010). This is one of the reboots/revamps that was a “weird decision” for Marvel. Red She-Hulk got cancelled in October last year, leading to a bunch of people doing what people do on the internet: whine & make assumptions. This was announced around the same time that Brian Wood’s “All Girl” X-Men began as well and a bunch of fans were all “Butfemalebooksdon’tsell,justlookatRedSheHulk.” without realizing that it wasn’t because Ms Red was a female character, but because she was a knock off of a knock off. On two counts. Red Hulk is a knock-off of Hulk, Red She-Hulk is a knock off of Red Hulk. She-Hulk is another version of Hulk, and Red She-Hulk is a version of She-Hulk. Red was created to destroy Hulks. Well, she wasn’t entirely created. Underneath the ripped leathers and red skin beats the heart of Betty Ross-Banner, Bruce Banner’s wife who had died of over exposure to gamma radiation (caused by Bruce, exacerbated by Abomination).

But anyway, Marvel didn’t listen to any of those ramblings and is debuting or rebooting a few female fronted books:

Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Electra and, of course, She-Hulk;

Which brings us to Jennifer Walters. Bruce’s cousin, received emergency blood transfusion from her cuz to save her life after being shot up by gangsters and got her green skin. She has control over herself, unlike Banner. She usually stays in her lean, mean and evergreen form.

In #1, Jennifer is given a review at the law firm she’s employed by. She believes herself exemplary, working nearly 3,000 hours the previous year even while teaming up with other supes to save the city -numerous times! But the partners decline to give her a bonus, they admit they were hoping she’d bring in some high profile clients -say, Reed Richards or Tony Stark for example. After breaking a $50,000 table-


She heads for the bar. Which is where she runs into Holly Harrow, widowed wife of Jonas Harrow. She’s alleging that Tony Stark has been using tech created by Harrow. She doesn’t take the case, but says she’ll talk to Tony. This leads to an automated legal department which gives her some convoluted run around, leads to a court case in which she is outed as having a previous romantic relationship with Stark, then to some investigating, murderous robots, 70s tech and catching a glimpse of Shulk’s purple underoos.

It was very humorous. The art is very 70s/80s. Bright and empty backgrounds, silhouettes, expressions that are clear without being very detailed. Jennifer was born in 1980 and it really struck me that they used this aesthetic; making an old character feel brand new, and making the new series look oldschool: Down to the cassette tape, down to her chic pencil skirt, down to Tony Stark’s porno mustache. Great work by writer Charles Soule and artist Javier Pulido and colorist Muntsa Vicente. It was really exemplary. Very nice to see Jennifer Walters as a super tough Ally McBeal instead of being bogged down by Hulk-family drama.


Also Kevin Wada nailed this cover.

4 thoughts on “She-Hulk #1

  1. Such a great issue. Not everyone will enjoy the art, but it fits the comic’s mood perfectly and does just as much storytelling as the writing. I hope this series lasts, because the original She Hulk is plain awesome.

  2. A really great start for a series using the “Hawkeye” formula. This is a permanent addition to my pull-list, that’s for sure!

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