All-New X-Men #19

I’m still subscribed to a few more than I bargained for X-Men books… But at least in this one, Kitty Pryde gets some respect. 

The Original X-Men are still around and have now defected, along with Professor K to Cyclops’s Charles Xavier school, which is housed in the former Weapon X facility. 

In the streets of Miami, a woman is confronted by a group of armed mercenaries who tell her “Mutant is the abomination of the Devil.” and “God doesn’t want Mutants.” Which, of course, are rip offs of derogatory slogans used currently to oppress LGBT people by WBC and the like. There are huge issues with using real oppression to sensationalize fictional oppressed groups, among these issues, the fact that mutants are actually dangerous. 

The woman screams “I am not a mutant!” and then all the armed men explode.

This is exactly the plot of last week’s Agents of SHIELD actually. Way to recycle, Marvel.

Oh wait, but she didn’t make them explode, it was Kitty Pryde, Magik, Young Jean GreyBeastIcemanAngel+Cyclops.  

The mercenaries think they speak for God and are REALLY excited about the prospect of killing Scott Summers. They also take particular offense to Angel. To defend her team, Jeannie shiows her strength. 

The girl escapes the melee and makes a run for it, however she is followed but one of the cult/mercenaries/wackos and she still insists that she is not a mutant. Kitty finds her, saves her and… recognizes her. The girl’s name is Laura. She does not, however, recognize KP and makes a break for it AGAIN. 

While Scott pummels a man for intel, Jeannie reads his thoughts. These men truly believe that Jean Grey is the Devil. (BTW… Dynamite has the lockdown on THE redhaired She-Devil) 

Scott Summers attempts to give the police a statement. Not realizing STILL how much people hate mutants. Remember why the future Brotherhood came back and tried to force them in the time cube? No?

Kitty tackles Laura and they engage in a chick fight while officers think it’s just some bar brawl spilled onto the streets. Kitty Pryde tries to talk her way out of it, too; “I’m an associate of Captain America, not to name drop. Then she tackles Laura through a building and having her captive, Laura lashes out with some adamantium claws.


Laura is, Laura Kinney, X-23: Last seen facing off with Hazmat in Avengers Arena. She’s a clone made from Wolverine’s genetic sample in which the Y chromosome was damaged.

I wasn’t thrilled by this issue. The best part was Angel facing off with the Purifiers. I like the idea of X-23 joining forces with KP and Illyana, so we will see how that goes. Next Issue:



3 thoughts on “All-New X-Men #19

  1. I’m not ashamed to admit it, X-23 is my favourite X-men character. She actually got me into comics in the first place. I’m both excited and nervous to see exactly how Bendis will portray her. Her memory loss could be an interesting side effect to the trauma she faced in the “Avengers Arena” series, but there are already so many theories as to how it happened.

    This issue wasn’t the greatest issue of All New X-Men by any means, but it was enjoyable enough. There were maybe a few too many one-liners that distracted from the plot and characters. Usually this series is more character focus than on plot – it’s a bit of a slow burn so far. This issue was somewhere in-between.

    • X-23 has a very dark backstory, and I like the prospects on another rad female on this team. (I also see that regrowing her hair between issues is part of her regenerative power, haha)

      • What makes her compelling to me is not just that she has a dark backstory, but that she’s been able to push past that at all. The fact that she even wants to be a hero after being a slave assassin for 14 years screams of her strength of character.

        It doesn’t hurt that her personality is very different from Wolverine’s, even with their similar pasts and genetics. It also doesn’t hurt that she doesn’t show up in more than half of the current X-men books.

        And the hair regrowth has been shown before. it’s also why Wolverine can’t not have facial hair for long.

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