Agents of SHIELD- episode 6


Fitz makes fun of Ward and makes Skye laugh. She’s been getting the cold shoulder and is trying to make amends with the team. The night-night pistol is off by an ounce. Simmons does a Ward impression, too. it’s not really that funny. 

They head off to the boy scout troop’s campsite that was hit by lightning. Is it superpowers? a new high-tech weapon? 

I would have gone with aliens.



The man struck by lightning, the troop leader, was cleaner than clean. “He makes Captain America look like the Dude.”

Ward gives Skye some ‘tude and Coulson tells him to back-off. Fitz-Simmons track an electro magnetic signal that quickly disappears. Confronted with a locked door (that Agent May makes short work of, they find a dead body with a burn mark on his forehead suspended in mid air. He’s a volunteer firefighter just like the troop leader AND they both responded to the alien invasion in New York. The agents head to the firehouse.

Coulson is instantly suspicious of the sweaty and inquisitive Tony Diaz. The satellite picks up and electromagnetic reading at the firehouse and May finds the Chitauri helmet. Diaz took it as a souvenir. They cleaned it and it gave him an alien virus. Coulson orders the other agents to clear everyone out. Diaz figures he’s going to end up dead like his friends. Coulson asks if theres anyone he wants to call or anything he can do. 

May listens in as Coulson tells Diaz not to be afraid. He says he knows he died and that it was for more than 8 seconds. He says it was beautiful. All the metal objects in the room are floating and then in a flash  of light he is gone, too. Agents test negative for any electromagnetic anomalies. The helmet is going to “the Sandbox” a secret SHIELD facility. Coulson sets Fitz-Simmons to work on finding a cure incase it reaches any others.

I’m digging May’s character development. She exposes her concern and fondness for Coulson as the series continues.

Coulson looks in on Simmons and metal objects start floating as she gushes about the interesting way that the virus spreads. They’re over the Atlantic and unable to land. Simmons will eventually create a pulse that will crash them to their deaths in the middle of the ocean… or she will find a way.

Ward, struck with the possibility of losing a member of the team gets over his hard feelings towards Skye. Coulson is ordered to drop the infected material into the ocean. Fitz gets emotional over Simmons’s impending doom. They bicker over whether what they need is a vaccine or an anti-serum and then Fitz grabs the Chitauri helmet and runs into the lab, exposing himself to the virus. After 3 tries, Simmons resolves herself to death. Coulson says there’s still time. Fitz keeps working. 

Simmons, to save her friends, clubs Fitz with a fire extinguisher and jumps out the cargo hold. Excruciatingly, Fitz has just found that their last attempt was indeed successful. 

Ward jumps out after her, shoots her up with the anti-serum and pulls open his chute. 

They get chewed out by Coulson.

Ward does an impression of Simmons’s impression of him. 

Agents May and Coulson have a moment as Coulson explains that his physical comes back fine, he says he feels different. They suggest that may died, too, and that it has taken her long to even begin to get over it.


Then, Fitz and Simmons have a sweet moment as Fitz tells her that he was ready to jump out of the plane but Ward got there first (“he couldn’t get the straps on”) but Simmons says that it was him who gave her hope not Ward …he’s her hero. D’awww….

With all the talk of crossovers I was really hoping that Thor would emerge from the clouds and save Simmons… but whatever. I like May’s emerging personality. Coulsons alive/robot/clone/LMD status is still not clearly resolved. Fitz-Simmons were cute and brave. I think I might be coming around to them. 

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