Agents of SHIELD Episode 4

Stockholm, Sweden. Men with red faces walking in straight lines and being generally weird walk through a rather unimpressed crowd and board a subway train. They are being trailed by a serious woman, “black, athletic build, late twenties early thirties” with headphones in her ears. She boards the train with them and breaks the emergency glass. She kills them all, and cuts off one’s hand. 

25 men, same suits, same briefcases, 25 different routes, same meeting place. Skye thinks the woman was a mind reader. It also turns out that the woman is a rogue SHIELD Agent. 

“It’s amazing, every year this job gets easier.” Coulson remarks …But who does flickr? haha. Skye finds pictures of the men in masks on instagram… kinda didn’t need a hacker genius for that. Just saying.

The rogue Agent was Coulson’s protege, Akila, and Skye gives him a “What ever weird stuff she got into, it’s not your fault.” speech, which leads me to believe that she’s still on Team Rising Tide.

The Rogue Agent saved a woman working in a hotel, told her to visit a doctor and the woman had a tumor, her life was saved. Fitz-Simmons, happy to stay in the van and miss the action with Skye are hacking umm… stuff? And hack into *a camera on a moving truck that has an x-ray cam that’s about to run into them* …ummmm… WTF technology?

Skye still can’t shoot anyone. AND Fitz-Simmons and Skye roll over in the van. BUT they all return safe and sound. Skye is full of pep and optimism that she can find the feed that she was using to watch them… THE CAMERA IS IN HER EYE. SHE IS THE CAMERA! Fitz-Simmons have never heard of anything this small being functional.

Coulson wants to bring her in May wants her dead. Ward sides with May. Skye notices that she has a note written asking if she can sleep and Coulson knows she’s being controlled. Later Skye confides in Coulson and then tells him she has her back on the Rogue Agent front.

May, who should have been watching the feed decided to run over there and confront her.  But “they” are watching her and there’s a rule, Akila tells Agent May “Either I kill you or they kill me.”


Can May have more than one expression, please? Please?

Other Agent smashes the lamp and nearly shoots May as Coulson busts in. Akila is with Coulson and there’s a kill switch in her eye, Ward is wearing glasses that mimic the feed as he does Akila-like things (Skye helps). Akila asks Coulson why he is being so compassionate, “Where’s the I told you so?” and Coulson says, “That’s not me anymore.” May watches the interaction and it’s clear she’s harboring a grudge.


In an op gone wrong, Akila was captured and blind in one eye, she was in a cage at the bottom of a copper mine for 4 years before they fixed up her eye. She was grateful until they started giving her orders. Akila never met anyone in person, but he writes English like an Englishman. Coulson extrapolates more from her clues. And decides it’s a heavy set man (which really narrows it down, right?) The squeamish duo Fitz-Simmons perform surgery while Coulson goes to find out whose finger is on the trigger. 

Ward, still disguised as Akila, get his orders to seduce a man. (oh haha, gay jokes, fuck you). Skye says, “Can you be friendly? Please don’t die.” He can’t be friendly… he knocks the guy out. Ward is attracted to some alien writing on a chalk board and the camera clicks a photo. Mission Complete. Good Luck.

Ward has to shoot his way out of a building, Akila’s exploding eye is removed and dropped into liquid nitrogen. Coulson approaches the man he thinks is the handler. Turns out he was a former MI-6 agent who fell off the grid. When Coulson flashes his badge the man’s eyeball explodes and he drops. Coulson is rather unmoved if you ask me. The handler was just as trapped as Akila.

X-Ray eyes asks “what did they do to him?” 

May pretends (I’m pretty sure) not to know what she is talking about.

After credits HaHa: Skye sneaks a peek at Ward with the X-Ray specs. (which if you saw Akila looking at May with x-Ray vision… it looked like she was in a morphsuit ..whatevs.

Next week’s previews have Skye being handcuffed and called a traitor. But those of us playing at home already knew that. I actually hope that she gets found out and that it adds more duality to the show rather than “Good guys are good, they don’t do bad things. Yay the government keeping secrets from America because they know best!”

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