Agents of SHIELD- Episode 3

SHIELD transport (transporting Canadian Physicist Franklin Hall) is hijacked by… something invisible and then excavated.

At the scene Coulson find a ball of gravitonium that long and short will rip the universe into pieces. Hall didn’t have the resources but has the know how to control the energy fields that “evil guy” Quinn does not.

Genius-everygirl/high -school dropout who doesn’t understand gravitonium but can somehow hack the world, Skye, gets an invite to the tech conference to meet Quinn. Skye decides to go in undercover, Ward and Coulson are the extraction team.

Quote of the Night:

Agent Coulson: “I saw plenty of action with the Avengers”

Agent May: “And you died.”

Quinn invited her because she’s a Rising Tide hackivist and he offers her a job. Quinn sees SHIELD as hoarding new technology for themselves. Quinn catches Skye breaking into a locked room and she divulges that SHIELD is listening. Who’s side are you on???

She has a talk with him and does her best double agent impression. Or is really a double agent. Still not too clear.

Ward and Coulson swoop in. Coulson goes to grab Hall… but he won’t leave. Quinn offered a chance for him to finish his life’s work. Why would he want to go? He says he’s going to sink it, but it will destroy the compound. Coulson gets KO’d and when he awakes… things get weird. 

The kicker: Hall leaked his location purposely for Quinn. 

Skye disarms Quinn and makes a break for it by jumping off the balcony into a pool and running for her life. She almost gets caught when Agent Ward comes into save her. 



Coulson kicks professor Hall into the gravitron and he disappears into the void. 

Skye was  in foster care. Ward is from Massachusetts…. yeah Massachusetts. In the end, she sees the evil and money making that the villains are out to do and aligns herself with SHIELD and her hero, Agent Ward. 

credits: SHIELD locks the gravitonium in a vault and a hand reaches out!

Will Hall come back as a supervillain? 

Do you guys think Fitz and Simmons are funny? …I’m not really feeling it. Haha

Also, I think Skye is the most unbelievable character on the planet, there are ways to play what they are trying to do… and I feel like they aren’t doing them. I like how everyone and Coulson himself are hovering around the fact that he is actually dead. Is he? Isn’t he? LMD? clone? ghost? Oh, man… the theories. 

Also, hacktivists, people advocating for transparency, etc. being the consistent bad guy is a little “Rah Rah America! The government is great!” for my taste. 

4 thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD- Episode 3

  1. Skye sucks. Such a lame, generic, cliched character. She sucks so bad. Though I did like her “nope” when Quinn asks if she can pull the trigger.

    Fitz and Simmons are great. I love that when Fitz mentions a monkey, Simmons reacts with “not this again.” That means that Fitz has suggested using monkeys before, probably often. We just learned that Fitz is obsessed with monkeys.

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