Sleepy Hollow- Episode 4

Who’s the monster of the week?



Not the horseman. Something more human.

Flashback time: Ichabod back in colonial days are looting a British ship and stealing a create. Then he is waxing poetic about his love Katrina who is lost in time. “Give in to nothing less than certainty when it comes to the matter of the heart.” He’s talking to OnStar employee Yolanda.

The episode picks u[p just where we left off last week, with Abbie just discovering that Jenny escaped. 

Jenny heads to the bar. She knows the bartender and she does a shot. Which is exactly what I would do. She picks up so “things.” A nefarious piano teacher discovers that Jenny has escaped and he and some cronies go into the same bar. Bartender draws a gun. Piano teacher flings him away like he’s a fruit fly.

Stacks of cash passport, guns, picture of her sister. She looks into the mirror. 

Captain Irving is investigating the decapitated pinata of a corpse of the bartender. 

They visit Jenny’s last foster home. The woman is taking in kids for the checks, one girl is sleeping on the floor, malnourished. Abbie tells her she’s calling child services. And the old woman brings up that Abbie turned her back on Jenny. She was a child. She was a child and she knew that she could get what she wanted if she didn’t tell the truth. Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs:



BASIC NEEDS: like having a safe home to live in. Abbie was in foster care and they were FINALLY in a good home. She thought they would be taken away. And she was right! Abbie made the best decision, she has nothing to explain to some random scumbag, or even her friends who weren’t even there. Maybe she has to repent to er sister, but frankly, that’s it.

Abbie tracks Jenny to a cabin and they have a standoff that Ichabod talks down.

“Nice to see you again, British guy.”

The sheriff, Corbin apparently sent Jenny on missions to find artifacts. He hid something in the cabin. A sextant. Corbin visited her and said he knew death was coming for him.

Ichabod invented the tea party to steal something from the British. *giant eyeroll* the man guarding the weapon was also a Hessian. Ichabod was the only one who lived through it. It was covered in the same markings that were with the sextant (and on the horseman). The sextant hides a projector of an old survey map of Sleepy Hollow. 

The piano teacher and cronies (who have better guns) steal the sextant, but Jenny turns the leader into a hostage. Turns out he’s a demon. Or a Hessian? I think a hessian. I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should be because I was looking for a picture of Abbie in her red leather jacket. Somehow I found THESE



DragonSlayer Vambraces …whaaaaaat?

Any way, they talk about a black magic book by King Solomon that unleashes demons. 

“We’re your neighbors, perhaps even your friends.” Unhindered by remorse. He spills some of the beans and then cyanide pills. His last words: “Morlock shall rise”

The girls argue and Sherockabod busts out the photographic memory. They find out where the book is. The bad guys get there first and start reading in German calling the demons. Demons come out of a fiery hole, they look like they are screaming and wiggling around under melting trashbags… whatever. One of the Hessians tries to throw Jenny in the demon hole but Ichabod saves her. 

“Drop the book or your sister dies.” Jenny tells her not to do it. Abbie chucks it in the demon hole and the trio fight their way out. 

At the station they quote Revelation Chapter 11, about how Abbie and Ichabod are the Witness. Jenny thinks its unfair that Abbie was picked to fight the good fight. Abbie says that she can get Jenny released into her custody.

Ichabod finds that Molock was the demon that they saw in the woods. He guards Katrina, he lead the other demons in a war with Heaven. Monster of the week next week? …Maybe? actually it looked like a plague was coming to the Hollow. 



I like Abbie and Jenny a lot. I am interested in seeing how their relationship grows throughout the season. They are managing to stay away from the goodgirl vs badgirl stereotypes for the most part and are showing realistic points of view from their vastly different experiences. 

I’m tired of Ichabod finding the good leads. Abbie was going to the FBI, she should have thought to check with Jenny’s last foster home. But honestly, Ichabod didn’t have too much to do this episode, so I’ll forgive it. Jenny really stole the show.

7 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow- Episode 4

  1. Awsome review awsome show last week with that guy who called in late lol

  2. whos on this weekend??
    I have to work Rock and Shock Weekend I live in NY and Comic con is THIS weekend for me

  3. Some great moments this episode including the beginning (the “OnStar” scene) and Crane’s line about the original name of the Boston Tea Party. Hopefully Jenny sticks around as a cast regular. Fingers crossed…

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