Forever Evil #2

How do I say this….



I am not feeling this series. I’m trying to give evil a chance…

So the Justice League are dead (riiiight), Nightwing is unmasked (OooOOhh) and the Crime Syndicate are taking over every major city. And don’t forget: Ultraman blocked out the sun.



Power Ring is probably dying or something, Reverse Flash is booooored (I feel you) and decides to head out hunting for good guys with his girlfriend Atomica. Owlman and Ultraman are bickering… Superwoman takes Owlman’s side and Ultraman threatens her for disrespecting him. And she takes that shit. Wonder Woman’s alternate universe evil version who has a barbed wire lasso and is allowed to wear goddamn pants …is in an abusive relationship… Holy shit that’s totally awesome!! Oh wait, I mean, FUCK YOU.

Turns out she’s pregnant… with Owlman’s child… Oh the drama.



Anyway, the Teen Titans (well, mostly Robin) decide it’s time to step up against the Crime Syndicate. So Robin, Superboy, Wondergirl, Kid Flash (really, that’s a character… okay) and Raven head out to the tower to save Nightwing or kill the Crime Syndicate before they unmask everyone… Although, what difference that really makes to anyone with the sun blocked out… I don’t even know.

It goes about how it looks on the cover.



Okay, that part was actually sort of cool.

But Superwoman and Owlman are waiting for help from Superman? Frankly, I’m baffled and annoyed. On the plus, Luthor does unearth half cooked Superman clone Bizarro and straps on his super-suit. And two Gotham faves come back from the brink…

*sigh* not digging it. Maybe the dead animals starting off both issues so far have me ticked off (or, you know, the misogyny. it’s definitely one or both of those.) And Cheetah wasn’t even there. Argh.

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