Battle of the Atom Chapter 6

Or All New X-Men # 17

Waaaaay wayyyy in the future, Disco Dazzler is elected first mutant president. Disco made a comeback and future trio of  Beast, Kitty and Jean have orchestrated her candidacy.


and then monsters come out of the sky and fling fireballs at her.

Even further in the future; Magic, young Iceman, and young Beast show up. Magic sees her brother (he has her sword… so she’s probably dead… which she probably shouldn’t know about.

Of course, the X-Men that they have run into are not amused at them being there. “We understand why you are here and I understand how frustrating it must be… but you are making it worse!” (One of these way future X-Men is Jubilee… who is calling herself ‘Wolverine’? Wowzers.)

Phoenix: “But that’s what we do, We’re the X-Men! We make things worse!”

Truer words have never been spoken. X-Men are all over the place right now. 

Beast, so disheartened by the execution of Disco Dazzler and constantly fighting for a society that hates mutants… leaves the X-Men. Beast, Kitty Pryde and Xorn/Jean are no longer X-Men.

Bobby is a wizard in the future… everyone is confused. How is he a Wizard in the future and an Ice Hulk walking around in the past?


“I need someone to sit down with me and draw a flow chart explaining exactly what’s happening here.”

-The new X-Men at the Xavier Secret School know my pain.

HAHAHAHAHA OMG the ending on this one killed me. I seriously hate crossovers, and the last couple issues bugged me… but this one was great. Hair pullingly ridiculous and amazing.

Cyclops and Emma Frost are licking their wounds after the battle with Xorn/Jean and Wolverine… and more. They think that THOSE X-Men have followed them… but instead they get some more interesting visitors.

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Atom Chapter 6

  1. Great review! All New X-Men #17 was really good, a mind bending story for sure, but I’m really enjoying all the twists and turns in the plot.

  2. Some of the dialogue in this issue was great, and it’s kind of awesome that the future X-men are leaded by Jubilee with laser claws. My main complaint about this issue is that it felt really short though.

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