Agents of SHIELD episode 2

The plot is something about a Nazi artifact (or possibly aliens) that they find in South America. Is this the plot of Indiana Jones and the cave of the Crystal Skull? Not quite. They’re in Peru, during a citizen uprising and the artifact is not extraterrestrial or German, it’s a device filled with Gamma Radiation. 



Agent Coulson meets up with former umm… cohort… Reyes and sparks fly while the nerds fight and Skye and Agent Ward clash over political views. Ward pulls the loner card, Skye talks about common ideas, but being a team comes down to one thing… something Coulson understands… they need a common enemy.

And they get one when Reyes and her men try to take the 084, the nerds held hostage… they work together.

The 084 is too dangerous for any person or country to have so they send it up in a rocket.


We’re left to wonder where Skye’s allegiances lie.

Did you watch the credits? 








“This plane used to have a bar. A nice bar.”

Good episode, not as good as last week. Agent May breaking and …unbreaking? her own wrist and barely talking while being the ultimate weapon (the cavalry) …cliches make me snore ZzzzZzzz…

Coulson alluded toward the fact that he’s most (likely) a Life Model Decoy.

Cautiously watching… judging.

This “Government is the good guys, we just can;t tell everyone what we’re doing.” gives me the heebie jeebies. Is that just me?

One thought on “Agents of SHIELD episode 2

  1. Aside from Coulson, May might be my favourite character. She’s a hardcore badass who gets more hardcore all the time. Maybe it’s a bit of a cliche, but she really sells it well.

    “It’s a magical place.” Exact same phrase. Exact same intonation every time. There’s definitely SOMEthing to it, with LMD being the best bet.

    And obviously, I agree with the pro-secrecy message being extremely uncomfortable. I’m a Canadian, and we don’t have the same “gubmint is evul!” paranoia so common in the US, and I still find the pro-shadowy-government-agency tone to be really bad.

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