Sleepy Hollow episode 3

“Last thing we need around here is an episode of the Twilight Zone.”


Abbie’s having nightmares about herself being interrogated, demons, Ichabod having freaky eyes and being in captivity. She then gets a call from the police. A Dr. Vega is in the midsts of committing suicide, she confesses that everything Jenny saw was real and she knew it (but she locked her up anyway). 

Abbie says the doctor’s eyes were glazed over white. The cap suggest drug use. The medical examiner says “cataracts” and then the eyeball explodes and sand flows out.

Abbie’s prophetic dreams mean that she is one of the foretold Witnesses. She’s more into doing the regular police investigating thing and they collect files showing that the psychiatrist knew Jenny wasn’t crazy.

Most recently Jenny was locked up for stealing $4,000 worth of survival gear from a sporting goods store that she needed for “the End of Days.” Jenny declines to speak to Abbie, Ichabod offers to talk to her instead. She greets him with: “What’s your name, ‘tall, dark and British’?” Bitter over being locked away for telling the truth about what they saw, she says her conscience is clear and that she won’t help anyone fight the horseman. Abbie had told Jenny not to say anything (about the demon coming out of the ground when they were kids), Abbie said she didn’t see anything and kept quiet while Jenny got dragged away. The rancher who found them in the woods all that time ago saw the demon, too (and never said anything). 

Abbie and Ichabod go to see him. But the demon gets there first. Followed by the cops. Abbie and Ichabod show up to a hostage situation there where he says he will speak only to Abbie. 

She heads inside and sees the rancher in the kitchen, his eyes whited out. He says that the Sandman is coming for Abbie next… next time she falls asleep, she’s dead.

Ichabod talks about the Mohawk tribe that were crucial to the Revolution. He said that this creature is one of their legends that would kill those for turning a blind eye on his neighbor’s plight. They go see the only Native American Abbie knows, he sells cars.

“Hey, you guys into time travel? I have a tricked out Delorean back here.”

At first he declines, and feigns insulted. The he says that his conscience is clear. But it won’t be if he turns his back on Abbie. He gives her a tea to get her into the dream world to fight the faceless demon. If she dies in the dream, she dies in real life, Freddy Krueger style. Ichabod decides he’s going, too. and then some scorpion voodoo.

Abbie enters the dream world, interrogated by the demon. her and Ichabod get into some sandy trouble. 


Abbie stops making excuses for what she did, confesses, and destroys the demon. 

She goes to try again to make amends with Jenny… who has escaped the institution.

I am enjoying the show so far… although I have noticed that the build up to the “monster of the week” is drawn out in comparison to the actual fighting of the enemy (same thing happened with the batter against the witch). The investigating and finding out what’s happening and who will be affected takes the majority of the show, then they find someone to help them, then they have a badass but far too short confrontation. I hope they venture from this before it becomes too formulaic… (well, more so).

And the only remaining Native American in Sleepy Hollow… made a point to assert that no one was having pow wows or smoking peace pipes. But then he just happens to have jars of scorpions? 



Speaking of being the only one: HERE is an article about the real Sleepy Hollow’s only black female cop.

I’ve been noticing a lot of broken mirrors on this show, mirrors are sometimes considered “portals” through which spirits can be summoned (think Bloody Mary, Candyman) and found this interesting bit of mythology

“Mirrors were often used in magical and psychic rituals for scrying – remotely viewing another person or place – and communicating.”

…”Ancient Chinese believed that mirrors frightened away evil spirits who were scared by their own appearance. If the mirror was broken, the protection was lost.”


Looking forward to next week to see where Jenny turns up, and when/if she’ll join Abbie’s side! Hoping we get back to some more decapitations.


3 thoughts on “Sleepy Hollow episode 3

  1. I’m also bored of freak of the week. I want more Headless Horseman!!

    (or Horseless Headsman, if you saw that hilarious commercial)

    Someone on Twitter that ichabod is a lot more liberal than they expected (abhors slavery, friends with Indians). But, I think this is a good thing 🙂

    • Yes, I’m glad that Fox recognizes that they couldn’t make Ichabod a “man of his times” in that sense. and it wasn’t JUST white men that birthed our nation, no matter what history books suggest. So I like what was brought up about the role of Native Americans.

      HAha, I love that commercial “you get confused when you’re hungry”

      Yeah, this monster of the week thing is already on my nerves. But I’m accepting the fact that this show is Supernatural meets Elementary. I’ll be watching.

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