Powerpuff Girls #1

Look! Me and the PPGs go waaaaay back. way back. 

So when Radio Of Horror went to GraniteCon and I saw that one of the exclusives was Powerpuff Girls #1 (with cover artwork by guest Sara Richard) I had to give up the $$. I also technically bought this for my boyfriend, who also loves the PPGs (I also bought him The Star Wars comic which I intend on reading also). 


The city of townsville is on fire! The Mayor calls in our girls and they show up to kick the butt of the culprit: Mojo Jojo! (Go figure)

Blossom: “Oh, come on, Mojo, A giant metal exoskeleton?”

Buttercup: “Again?!”

They laugh and yawn in the face of Mojo’s “danger” and turn Mojo’s superior firepower against him. Mojo monologues all the way to jail. With the villain in the clink, the girls head to Malt’s Shoppe.

At a charity golf tournament they are invited to, a swamp creature wreaks havoc from the water trap. The girls vanquish the foe and save a legendary golfer who disappeared in 1963. 

Mojo gets wind of this and has an internal crisis. Maybe he’s not cut out for supervillian life! “But what, am I just supposed to find a part time retail job and pretend I’m not infinitely superior to everyone around me? HAVE YOU EVER WORKED IN RETAIL? No, that is no life for Mojo Jojo. 

Soon we see he is not talking to himself… but to a visitor….

Everything I liked about the TV show is in this comic. The puns, the giggles, the girl power. 

It’s “girly” and “cutesy.” But so what? Look at the plot: A former NASA experiment monkey with superior intellect and 3 clones dosed with experiment X by a well meaning but clumsy scientist at odds with each other. An entire city dependent on the superpowered trio to protect them from monsters and maniacs. How different is that, really, than other mainstream sci-fi superhero plots?


 The art is how you would expect if you have seen the show. I wasn’t planning on it, but I think I’m going to keep up on this one, see if it matures more than the show. But even if it doesn’t, that’s okay. I like a hero with pure intentions, all the girls want to do is protect the town and eat icecream… maybe get some statues of themselves put up in Townsville. Certainly a nice does of nostalgia. 

One thought on “Powerpuff Girls #1

  1. To be honest, I was never a fan of reading comic books. The drawings are distracting me like I want to look at them more instead of reading the dialogues. Hahaha. But I love watching the cartoon adaptations. Although I am not really fan of watching PPGs, I still enjoy watching the shows.

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