Sleepy Hollow- Episode 2

Abbie is talking to Irving about the Headless Horseman, the other 2 officers who saw him recanted their statements. Irving is still skeptical that Ichabod is a “time traveller.” (He believes that Ichabod believes he decapitated a Hessian in the Revolutionary War and that his wife is a witch). And He  thinks that Andy nearly decapitated HIMSELF by running to a mirror. Abbie says “no” …flat out… “no”

And then.. at the morgue… Andy wakes up… with his head still bent back and he talks to his demon friend in the mirror. The demon sets his head right. Cool, I could use more John Cho.

Ichabod is still waxing Sherlockian, talking about how his wife, Katrina, hid her witchiness from Ichabod to save the fate of the American Revolution -and complaining about the tax on donuts.

Andy resurrects a burned witch. Obviously sporting a sore neck pulls someone over, the witch jumps on his car envelopes it in flames.

Abbie, even with her strange past is struggling to believe the hub bub about witches. She complains that she was headed to Quantico to be a criminal profiler …and now she’s profiling witches.

Ichabod: “Superstition gives way to reason and logic, until General Washington brought me into a war with secret forces…” Abbie offers a giant eyeroll. She then tells Ichabod about how Sherriff Corbin saved her from a life of prison (he picked her up while she was robbing a pharmacy and offered her a chance to change).

Ichabod says he saw this before… in battle. More about General Washington and an evil coven. Abbie says Corbin believed there were 2 groups of witches (one good and one evil, go figure).

Ichabod and Abbie head to some secret underground tunnels used to transport munitions during “the war”

Along the way they find out that the magistrate that sentenced the witch to be burned was cursed by the witch and that Jeremy Firth (the man in the car who got burned) is related to the magistrate. Andy has also put a curse on another descendant, a young boy, Kyle.

Kyle is grabbed by the witch (who is on fire) and then Abbie rushes in. Kyle is the last remaining Remington… or is he? Nope. Kyle is adopted, she steals Kyle’s father’s ashes.

The burned witch is conducting a ritual. It’s the blood moon and this is her only chance! She rises in her restored beauty!

Ichabod shoots at her and she catches her bullet.

In a brief but exciting scene they explode the witch.

At the station, Abbie sees Corbin and tells him, “If you’re going to haunt me.. be helpful, okay?” Corbin tells her to stop running and stop letting fear dominate her life.

Then we flash to Abbie’s sister Jenny in the institution. We see the demon appear behind her as the episode ends.

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  1. So you just do an episode summary here?

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