Game Review #1- Naval War (card game)

My housemates and I had an impromptu game night last night featuring NAVAL WAR:

In the 1983 CLASSIC Avalon Hill card game, Players control a task force of historic WWII Ships. Your objective is to sink 100 points worth of the other player’s ships. The game comes with 2 decks of cards: The Ship Deck contains 54 cards and the Play Deck contains 108 cards. In the Play Deck you draw (mostly) different sized salvo ammo, which must match one of your ships’ gun sizes in order to deal damage. You chip away at the other player’s ships (Car Wars style), the player who deals the deathblow gets to keep the points (So if player A has a 9 point ship and player B deals it 7 damage, but player C deals the last 2 points, all 9 go to play C). Other cards in the Play Deck are: smoke screen, repair cards, additional damage, sub attack, minefield, minesweeper additional ship cards and the dreaded destroyer squadron card. Some of these cards are printed in red ink -these must be used IMMEDIATELY, so that thing you thought you were going to do? Nope. The Destroyer Squadron decided many of the games we played (if no one can deal the Destroyer Squadron 4 points in one loop around the table, the player rolls a dice and then takes that number of ships. Players each start with 5, so late game this takes someone out no problem. So many points!


Positives: Relatively quick game, easy to learn, enjoyable strategizing. Mostly strategy involved, but some luck and surprises (such as drawing a “red card”) keeps the game from being too predictable.

Negatives: We played with 3 players (it’s 3-9 Players) and it was a bit too quick, would have been better with more players. Not all the info is printed on the cards, we had to refer to instructions to see how some cards interacted with each other.

This game is out of print! As such it’s on the harder side to find complete, but keep your eyes peeled, you won’t be disappointed.

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