Under the Dome- Episode 13

Season finale time! Episode 13:


Linda, Norrie, Carolyn, Ben and Joe are at Ben’s house standing around the mini dome. The butterfly has hatched and Joe thinks they need to get it out.

Junior is licking the dome and trying to communicate with the dome and is asking why it wants him to kill his father.

Julia is trying to convince Angie that she has to save Barbie.


The butterfly is crashing into the minidome walls and making black spots, coincidentally it starts getting crazy dark outside… the dome is covered in black spots!! Junior yells out, “What are you trying to tell me?!”

Barbie is getting smacked around by Jim and insisting that he’s not going to make it easy on him. 

Linda radios in that she’s found another dome (STUPID)and it starts screeching, she says it’s police property and if anyone is going to touch it, it will be her. She does… it shocks her… she flies across the room. 

Junior’s so mad that he was “deceived by Angie” (bastard). 

“That’s enough, lovebirds, it’s go time.” Angie and Julia rescue Barbie from the holding cell. Deputies show up to stop him and a kick ass fight scene ensues, culminating with Angie nailing someone over the head with a fire extinguisher. GET IT

Joe and co steal a radio and he radios a “secret message” to Angie. She, Julia and Barbie come rushing in. Junior points a gun at Barbie, Julia explains the situation. They put their hands in the dome and it breaks… but the butterfly is dead… until Norrie touches it. They watch it fly around with wide eyes and hopeful grins. Then the butterfly hovers around Barbie. Joe says, “I knew it, you’re the monarch.”

Big Jim, Linda, Phil are looking for Barbie and everyone. Linda tells them that they think the egg is a generator and that it can bring down the dome (Big Jim’s worst fear).

Townsfolk are trying to get right with Jesus.

Jim goes to PREACH that the Lord will not give them more than they can handle. Vows Chester’s Mill will have its new dawn.

Junior refuses to accept the Barbie is the Monarch. Barbie, to his credit, thinks that insects are a strange way to choose a… whatever…

THE EGG ITS DOING SOMETHING as in, possibly exploding. Then Julia picks up the egg and it stops. Barbie decides that she’s the monarch.

Julia… who was stuffed into everyone else’s storylines, and was of her own merit not incredibly interesting or deep… is the monarch… 




Phil meets up with Big Jim, who had an idea come to him at church. A GALLOWS. He needs to show how serious they are about law & order. Phil agrees… to avenge Dodee. Big Jim, the swine, the sick bastard raises his glass.

Linda is in the barn and reads “the pink stars are falling in lines”

Jim nearly collapses. He’s stunned. He asks linda to meet him at his house. 

Norrie asks Julia what they should do next. No one knows what to do. Junior says take it to the authorities. Then they have a face off with Junior about who shot who and he says his dad would never hurt a woman *scoff* He takes aim at Julia and goes to get the egg, she tosses it to Angie and they run away. Junior tackles Barbie.

Linda arrives at Big Jim’s and he shows her his dead wife’s paintings… of pink stars and a black egg.

they make and apparition of Norrie’s mom.

Linda validates Big Jim’s violence by saying that if she saw the dome coming that his family is important. (Why Big Jim would be important be this fact… I don’t know. Is it’s biological it would be just her and Junior… and Heaven forbid it just be the wife who is important.)

The kids + Julia don’t know what to do with Barbie captured by Junior in the fight. Norrie asks the egg what to do and Alice, well not Alice, the bringer of the dome, those who are still learning how to communicate with humans, says that the dome is there to protect them and they must earn the light by protecting the egg. If they fail, it’s the end for all of them.

Big Jim makes an announcement over the radio that Julia Shumway has a dangerous weapon (the announcement ONE DAY AGO was that Barbie was wanted for trying to killher)

Junior says that Julia and the kiddos are trying to assassinate Jim. Big Jim rants to Junior that this dome is their destiny. Even Junior is looking at him like he is crazy. He admits he has killed people and that the Rennies were chosen. The pink stars are shining down on Junior. 

Julia takes responsibility and tells Norrie, Joe and Angie to go somewhere safe (what did happen to Ben in all this?)

Junior and Big Jim go out to the very speedily built gallows and are ready to hang Barbie. While Julia debates throwing the egg into the water.

She does and the water glows purple, pink stars shoot out.

Big Jim makes a desperate plea that this means the hanging has God’s blessing. The stars eat away at the black spots and light bathes the town. 

Big Jim shouts to Junior to pull the lever to the floor and hang Barbie.


That’s it. Well, that didn’t wrap anything up. So Barbie might or might not be hanged (and if he’s not hanged, Junior will be viewed as a hero, even though he’s an abuser and kidnapper), Big Jim and Junior are painted as integral to …uh, aliens (probably aliens) and their plot to save this shitty town with a dome… But why?

On the other hand, Angie got to crack someone over the head with a fire extinguisher. I wish it was Junior, but still. I also wish that when Big Jim and Junior hugged that he had stabbed him… even though, again, that would make an abusive asshole the hero, which is gross. Weird cliffhanger. I’ll be watching next season to see how everyone makes out (even though my favorite character is dead), if barbie lives and cheering for someone to kill Junior.

Hopes for next season: Angie pays Ben some attention. Norrie keeps being smart and rad. Linda stops waffling and makes better decisions. The “aliens” make their reasons for coming more clear. Phil on the right side. Annnnnddddd… a dead Junior. Sorry, Alex Koch.

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