ThrowBack Attack: Movie Review- Sin City

Let’s go all the way back to 2005. With a sequel looming in the future and and the fact that I just took boxes upon boxes of DVD out of storage, I figured I’d give this a rewatch.

Sin City is a fave of mine. And no, I never read the graphic novel. (But I’m not ruling out that I ever will) But like anything you’ve seen 1000 times, some parts hold their value more than others.

I still love Nancy and Hartigan

Even though it kinda creeps me that she was 11 the last time he saw her and then she’s “the love of his life.”

But I would watch the whole movie for just this scene right here:

Clive Owen is perfect. Perfect. I heard he won’t be back for the sequel. I’m infinitely bummed. 

And it’s ridiculously well done, Shelley wouldn’t let Jackie Boy in, even though Dwight kept saying he would handle it. Jackie terrifies Shelley so she sees him as more powerful (and he is more “powerful” but not physically, which Dwight doesn’t find out till too late). Jackie uses his influence and physical strength to intimidate her and she sees him as larger than he is. 

Dwight protects her, and then runs into an ex-lover while he’s on Jackie’s trail. 

Dwight and Gail 



I mean, how badass is Rosario Dawson as Gail in this flick? As the leader of the girls in Old Town; brave, fierce, independent, violent, protective, sexy, decisive. 

She’s willing to do anything to make sure the ladies can keep control of Old Town and things don’t go back to the mob and the cops.

Dwight rescues her, but he does it on her terms. 

Gail: “What have you done?”

Dwight: “Exactly what I needed to do, every step of the way.”

All the females in this movie, except Marv’s therapist, are sex workers. Prostitutes, strippers, whatever. Not your typical love interest demographic. And no matter what you think of “the world’s oldest profession” or the girls in Old Town, isn’t it nice not to have the ultimate love interest be a virginal princess?

Well. I think it is.

Goldie’s death leads Marv on a violent quest to avenge her.

A one night stand with Goldie (who is a prostitute) and Marv get so much joy that he says,   “Worth dying for. Worth killing for. Worth going to hell for. Amen.” and he proves it.

Hartigan is willing to die- again- for Nancy Callahan, Dwight pulls some heroics to protect Shelley from her abusive exboyfriend, and then rescues Gail. It should also be noted that Dwight brought trouble to Old Town to begin with… and Miho saved him first. 

In fact, the young Becky (Alexis Bleidel) is the closest Sin City has to an innocent virgin… and she proves to be the least sympathetic of the bunch. 



The dialogue is poetic, the language itself is coarse. 

There’s one line where Marv says of his therapist, “she’s a dyke, but god knows why, with a body like that, she could have any man she wanted.” that makes me cringe. But Marv isn’t shown as a wise man, either.

Other times the characters narrate what they are doing (“My hand slides out of my pocket and pulls back the hammer on my gun”)

But Dwight’s lines are my favorites:

“It’s time to prove to your friends that you’re worth a damn. Sometimes that means dying, sometimes it means killing a whole lot of people.”

4 thoughts on “ThrowBack Attack: Movie Review- Sin City

  1. Whew – talk about a movie that I have a complex relationship with. Actually that’s not fair – it is a lot more the source material that throws everything out of whack.

    I was a film major – I appreciate a whole lot about the movie and elements about the book but I can’t really get that far away from the way Miller both writes and draws women and so, in the right moment, in a crowded theater, I could really enjoy the movie by turning my brain off, I’ve never been able to watch it again without getting frustrated.

    On the other hand – are you reading Fatale? Amazing piece of noir inspired work with a lot of very meta material going on inside the storyline with a primary female who does justice to everything being a femme fatale should mean.

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